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Advertisers are the source of income of

The film industry wins every year multimillion-dollar sums for box office even the most mediocre productions manage to attract the attention of the public who continues to be carried away by advertising and large samples of marketing, around this industry are moving billions of dollars and the great life of the stars, producers and companies live a life of luxury and excesses all product of the movies, yet there is a sector that is not willing to pay astronomical sums every week for sitting in a movie theater to see what you can see from your home, hence the free movie websites continue to grow.

The war between the film industry and these websites is becoming more intense, the websites that offer free movies generally receive income also quite considerable if you take into account what “Free” of their services, these portals receive money from advertisers and cybernetic pirates That through the ads leave harmful software on the computers and servers of users, but both industries still have millions of followers that continue to grow every day.

Some of these followers are faithful to both options, there are those who go to the premieres of the movies and occasionally attend the movie theaters but do not stop watching their favorite movies at home through these websites, the world is so The fact that the million-dollar market of these companies does not really affect the other, most websites of this nature are located in Asian countries such as which has its operational headquarters in Taiwan from where it works a few years ago and from where it has managed to surpass many other pages becoming also a giant of free online movies.

The distribution of these films throughout the world have made this a business of real profits, both its detractors and governments have persecuted him but these have had the ability to change and change their name and their technical characteristics have managed to overcome it and continue to provide services, the best example is that today revising your portal we found releases released a few weeks ago and the traffic continues to increase in its portals, to keep pace with this growing industry becomes more complicated but the benefits for the millions of users in the world also grow.
The film industry produces and will continue to produce millions of sites, it is one of the industries that have suffered the least changes with the advancement of technology, beyond what they use for their large productions that affect special effects, sound quality and image the mechanics to earn money remains the same, attract millions of people to movie theaters and sell them a lot of accessories related to the movies that is where they receive the money for their trademark which is stop to analyze a children’s movie.

For example you can earn as much money at the box office as in permits for the use of your images in hundreds of materials for children ranging from flannel to bed covers, each film receives an astronomical amount of money for these concepts, and with the industry that distributes them in parallel happens the same but with the ads they sell.

In summary we know that around each film, one or the other way, hundreds of millions of dollars are moved, those who choose to watch them through should know that with each advertisement or pops that appear in the transmission of the movie they selected is receiving lots of money too, all around each movie from the big movie theater chains or the web portals like they are making money and if you want to see them for free some of that you have to give.

July 11, 2019