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ChangiAirport 12 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
Hi there, thanks for your tremendous support. You may wish to write in to our human resource department at Here's wishing you all the best! Enjoy Changi! -Zara

GP_1508 May 8 shared via Twitter
Wahahaha, , this is your image in the eyes of some customer. Whatever it is, it can be a good feedback into your human resource department.

GlitterFashion7 3 May 2011 shared via Twitter
Lights, camera, fashion at the Shang: Zara, Human, Gap, Crossings Department Store and Orange Juice/ Spin took t...

ReadyLA 2 May 2011 shared via Twitter
EMD updates new department site

megtalla 2 May 2011 shared via Twitter

EmanuelKiriakou 2 May 2011
Just read that OBL used his wife as a human shield during the raid. What a brave Jihadist warrior he was...

dctanner 2 May 2011
Human spirograph

Romy_SV 2 May 2011
Justin Bieber is human. via aww!!! I love him¡ :3

Jay_Naidoo 2 May 2011
How fantastic the human spirit is when it conquers fear and prejudice. Everyone should see this.

Zeinobia 2 May 2011
Diaa Rashwan : We got a horrible huge file about the torture during Mubarak at human rights council

sarahposner 2 May 2011
Dreyfuss now introducing Rep. Frank Wolf as human rights and religious liberty champion.

BrechtDW 2 May 2011
The International Human Element Bulletin - ! -

RobDuBois 2 May 2011
..he hijacked your true identity decade+ past; today is merely debt collection. Now we must all relearn the human story together.

Telegraph 2 May 2011
Osama bin Laden killed cowering behind his 'human shield' wife

xxMOONLITsky 2 May 2011
@TehAwesumest @TehCoffeeboy The stupidity of the human population never ceased to amaze me. Its a wonder we didn't die out.

sarahposner 2 May 2011
Wolf: I know there are differences in this room but we come together on religious freedom and human rights.

Sarah_Othmann 2 May 2011
The Swiss Justice Department invited Egyptian authorities to “explain on the basis of concrete examples which offenses Hosni

7NewsBrisbane 2 May 2011
Bin Laden's wife used as human shield:

RoyBlunt 2 May 2011
USACE must dedicate all available resources to respond immediately to give back the property and livelihoods that will be lost.

ShawnMcCusker 2 May 2011
My 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden resources.

defense_news 2 May 2011
U.S. Defense Department Transfers Some JFCOM Functions

NatalieDuvalNY 2 May 2011
Bin Laden Used His Wife as a Human Shield

gregkulowiec 2 May 2011
I'm pulling together a folder of resources, not much so far, but a start:

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