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What are you staring at? Scientists reveal how our brains see men as people, but women as body parts (and it's not just men who do it)
What are you staring at? Scientists reveal how our brain sees men as people, but women as body parts (and it's not just men who do it)
Industrial Corner Unit with reclaimed wood. TV Stand. Urban, Modern. Rustic Media Console, Media Center. Custom configurations. Loft Decor.
Google Nest Hub Max in Charcoal, Grey
Google Nest Hub Max in Charcoal, Grey
DIY Plank Wall - Shanty 2 Chic
LOVE this whitewashed wood plank wall! So simple! Full tutorial and links to all the others at !
Don Williams' 1980's Inspirational Hit "I Believe in You"
When you are down and out, listen to Don Williams' song "I Believe in You." The song was penned by British song writer Roger Cook, who wrote it with Sam Hogin.
GTA 5 - Thug Lifes 2019 - Gta 5 New 23 Thug Life Compilation of 2019
Watch NFL 2020 Live Stream HD Online Outside of USA : NFL has attracted some viewers from Canada, Australia, and the UK. So, some TV channels in those countries started showing the Super Bowl. Following are the guidelines to watch Super Bowl in other countries. #NFL #Reddit #nfllive #NFLReddit #NFLstream#NFLlife#Skysportsllive#HuluTV#YouTube#PlayStation
The Same Sky - MIPCOM 2016 World Premiere Screening Trailer
Looking for the best German TV series? Discover popular German shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime in the US. Many are also available in other countries.
Lion, Tiger, Bear Wall Hook, Animal Wall Hanger, Children's Wall Art, Animal Nursery, Faux Taxidermy, Baby Nursery, Lion Hanger,
Disney's Frozen - "Let It Go" Multi-Language Full Sequence
Hear "Let It Go," the Academy Award nominee for Best Original Song, in 25 different languages and see how fans in other countries have experienced Elsa unleashing her powers.
Google Nest Hub Max - Charcoal
Keep everyone connected Hey Google, call Mom. Make video calls to friends and family. You can also leave video messages for each other on Nest Hub Max. Whether you're across the house or across the country, Nest Hub Max helps everyone stay in touch. You can make video calls or leave video messages with Duo. It?s hands-free, so just say,?Hey Google, call Grandma.? The 10-inch HD touchscreen delivers sharp images and text, while the 6.5MP camera captures photos in stunning detail. This Google Nest
The 15 Most Memorable Ad Jingles Of All-Time
Coca-Cola, "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" | The 15 Most Memorable Ad Jingles Of All-Time
Starting Jan. 1 you won't be able to stream YouTube on Fire TV anymore as Google and Amazon duke it out
Official Site
Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue My favorite!!
Reclaimed Wood Table. Industrial Dining Table. Modern Table. Reclaimed Wood and Steel Table Rustic Retail Display. Customization Available.
This particular piece is a reclaimed wood dining table, but would also make a great industrial desk. We can make it any size, but the one shown and priced is approximately 60 x 36 x 29 1/2 high. It has a beautiful reclaimed wood top. We have many different types of reclaimed wood available
8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries
8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries
Faith Hill & Carlos Santana - Breathe
The Monkees, "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (1967)
The Monkees, "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (1967) | 17 Popular Songs You Never Knew Were Written By Carole King
Tanzania bloggers win temporary court order against state crackdown
Tanzanian bloggers and rights activists won a temporary court injunction on Friday against a government order to register their online platforms that raised concern about a crackdown on free speech. Tanzania's communications regulator had given bloggers as well as owners of other online forums such as YouTube TV channels until May 5 to heed tough new internet content rules through state registration and a licence fee of up to $900. Six human rights watchdogs media organisations and bloggers filed a joint case in Tanzania's high court asking the judiciary to block implementation of the regulations arguing that they violate freedom of expression and privacy of internet users. In his ruling Judge Fauz Twaib ordered the information ministry and the state communications regulator (TCRA) not to enforce the deadline pending another hearing to decide the case. The new rules also require bloggers to furnish details of shareholders share capital citizenship of owners staff qualification and training programmes as well as a tax clearance certificate to obtain an operating licence. Bloggers convicted of defying the new rules could be fined at least 5 million shillings (about R274993.40) or imprisoned for a minimum 12 months or both. Most bloggers in the East African country are individuals without registered companies making it difficult for them to meet the registration requirements. Digital activists said the move was the latest salvo in a swoop on dissent and free speech by President John Magufuli who was elected in 2015 on pledges to speed up economic growth and rein in corruption. On April 20 Magufuli ordered legal action against anyone deemed to be abusing freedom of expression by posting misleading anti-government statements on social media. Several Tanzanian bloggers had begun shutting down their websites to avoid punitive action ahead of the deadline. Elsie Eyakuze a blogger and newspaper columnist said the government was citing taxation as a pretext to muzzle dissent. "The Tanzanian blogosphere is too minute to generate anything worth taxing but it has punched above its weight lately. So it is with a clean heart that I announce the icing of (my) Mikocheni Report" she wrote in her blog on Thursday. The number of internet users in Tanzania rose 16 percent in 2017 to 23 million around 44 percent of the population with most using their smartphones to go online. Last month Uganda another East African country acting to regulate internet use announced plans to slap a new tax on social media users.
Fame TV Series - The Home Front - video dailymotion
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Bed Side Table with Drawer Narrow Wooden Table Contemporary | Etsy
Industrial Cabinet, Industrial Armoire, Pantry, cupboard, Vintage Style Wardrobe. Reclaimed Wood avail. Modern. Steel cabinet. Handmade.
Industrial Cabinet Industrial Armoire Pantry cupboard | Etsy
Queen of the South (2016-)
Queen of the South (TV Series 2016– ) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.

geajochi Feb 5 shared via Twitter
True, fox news videos are non you tube for free, but removes all of free postings! this is wrong!! All americans should have access to the news, even if they do not have t.v. access or money to pay for it!! In other countries, news is free!!

29567Gold Jan 15 shared via Twitter
Nothing Was investigated with Ukraine, until Giuliani started going on TV & talking about his investigation. Then you had Durham going to other countries interviewing players involved. Maybe trying to run out the clock thinking Trump won’t get reelected🤔🤔🤔🤬🤯

_Paul_P Feb 21 shared via Twitter
Actually, I just looked into it, and it seems like YouTube TV is only available in the US as well. In Canada, HBO max should be available through an existing service called Crave. I assume similar arrangements will be made in other countries. I’m all for theatrical release though

TeamYouTube Feb 3 shared via Twitter
Thanks for your interest in YouTube TV! We currently don't have news if we'll be expanding to other countries, as the product and programming is specific to the U.S. TV market. Don't worry, we'll provide an update once we have details about it so stay tuned!

TeamYouTube 19 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
While we can't confirm on when YouTube TV will be available in other countries, you can share your interest by sending a feedback here: . This will help our team keep track and prioritize requests. Thanks!

TeamYouTube Mar 5
Thanks for the tag – we don’t have any info if we'll have YouTube TV in Europe, but we’ll let you know once we receive an update about expanding our reach to other countries. For now, you can share your interest using our Send Feedback tool. Here's how:

MK8MasterJunjie 20 Dec 2019
Too bad it's STILL the USA only. YouTube TV needs to be expanded to other countries ASAP.

imadmf Mar 5
Then doubled down, and made TV commercials in other countries explaining the YouTube lies.

No point praising your own service until you bring it to other countries. The USA isn’t the only country to exist you know.

TeamYouTube Jan 22
Appreciate you tagging us – YouTube TV is currently available only in the US, as the service is specific to the US TV market. Don't worry, we'll send updates if we'll expand to other countries so stay tuned!

TeamYouTube Jan 21
YouTube TV is currently available only in the United States. We currently don't have news if we'll be expanding to other countries but we'll let you know once we have details about it.

TeamYouTube Apr 17
Thanks for reaching out – YouTube TV is currently only available in the US, since the service is specific to the US TV market. We'll let the team know about the interest in our services in other countries!

dsd310580 29 Dec 2019
But no billion dollars from Fox. No near billion dollars from USA. Not to mention all the other countries they have TV deals in. As I said, global TV deals are WWE’s main source of revenue and exposure.

miri_1001 Feb 17
Depends on where you live. Hulu in the US, Netflix in the UK, Germany & several other (mostly) European countries. Also to purchase on Amazon prime video, iTunes, YouTube. In Germany, it currently airs on free TV channel (upcoming episode next Saturday is 1.06)

That being said, other countries like the UK get to watch on a normal tv channel like POP UK. It just seems like a stupid cash grab if you ask me. Only way I will see it in English is if someone records it off Netflix or POP and posts it on YouTube (god I wish).

VB8910 Apr 1
Hi Sande & all girls. Yes, this is too difficult situation in America & other countries. I listen to this information every day on Russian TV channels. It is impossible to listen to this without tears & horror in soul. Please be careful & take care of yourself & your loved ones

TeamYouTube Apr 1
Thanks for the tag – we've checked and confirmed that YouTube TV isn't available in your area. Currently, the product and programming is specific to the US TV market. We don't have info yet if we'll expand to other countries, but we'll give an update once it's available.

TeamYouTube May 2
Appreciate the interest – this promo is only available to US subscribers since YouTube TV is yet to launch internationally. Don't worry, once YT TV expands its reach to other countries, we'll definitely send out an update.

TeamYouTube May 11
Thanks for your interest in YouTube TV – while we currently don't have news if we'll be expanding to other countries at the moment, we’ll be sure to let you know once we receive new updates on this. Give us a shout out if you have any questions in the future.

Sue25462264 Feb 25
Debates are like a very bad reality TV show. In the UK and other countries, candidates are given air time to speak at length about issues. Not in our 60 second sound-bite US. Watch the Joe Rogan interview - I learned more on Youtube about Bernie than on network tv.

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