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shenlulushen Feb 10 shared via Twitter
She kept defending herself. She said she’d not been back to Wuhan for a year and showed proof of rent payments in Wuxi. That only led to an even bigger torrent of abuse. After confronting netizens for three days, Bi Yanwen killed herself. -- Baoyouqu

gu_yanwen Feb 4 shared via Twitter
Tourism in Asia is hit heavily by Coronavirus, not only China, but also the destinations rely on Chinese tourists. Commentary: Tourism in Asia takes a beating after Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

SpeakerPelosi Feb 4 shared via Twitter
President Trump wants you to think he’s a champion for people with pre-existing conditions. The truth? Right now, he’s asking the courts to strike down protections for the 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions. Learn more:

RashidaTlaib Feb 4 shared via Twitter
"There is no right or wrong way to protest." -- I'm joining my sisters in Congress in wearing white--my white --to . Being is my way of protesting this .

drewmillard Feb 4 shared via Twitter
just listened to that high hopes song for the first time ever. it sucks

Send some love to our neighbor to the north, Fred.

LennyDykstra Feb 4
Whoa, only 10 days until . Maybe time to start getting in the spirit with ’s Valentine’s Day Erotic Story Contest!

MollieKatzen Feb 4
Your presence there will be almost enough to make me watch


Fuzzy301 Feb 4
Let’s go hyped to see u in Anaheim

That is pretty much exactly what's about to go down

The Weeknd sure does know how to make a sad person sadder

dayswithe Feb 4
All ten of Springfield, IL city council members just voted to retire the cities three oldest coal units by 2023.

skift Feb 4
Airports are welcome to prefer local businesses, but they should also know has a loyal following and should remain in terminals. When it’s 5 a.m., you’re at an unfamiliar airport, and you just want your fix, Starbucks is often the best bet.

bratacat Feb 4
I really haven't time to watch the SOTU, my sock drawer is in such a mess, it's a year since I last did it!😉

wordmixrr Feb 4
she kept saying the weirdest things—saying she thought i was younger, asking how long i planned to shop for, asking if i was going anywhere else. at one point i said “i’m sorry, but i have a concussion, this is starting to make me dizzy” and she just. kept going

abisoos Feb 4
I know I’m not one to promote myself but can we please get me to 2k soon

And We have indeed made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember.

Keally22 Feb 4
Final update: stop guilting anyone for changing their hair, stop randomly touching any strangers hair bc in ur mind it’s different and looks fun to touch, and stop commenting on people’s changing appearance unless u are certain it will be nothing but positive for them

avonstaco Feb 4

hayleyyjay Feb 4
Look at the lengths lonely people go to tap dance on this app.

Ayoooo_daeee Feb 4
Truly humbled and blessed to say I’ve received my 5th offer from Arkansas State University

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