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SweetCainMusic 9 hours ago shared via Twitter
As Wells Fargo burns in Minneapolis, let's remember that they defrauded thousands of Americans and were one of the responsible parties for the 2008 market crash, and were engaging in that same predatory practice that caused the 2008 crisis. Hope the Post Office is alright though

__imdrea 19 hours ago shared via Twitter
Wells Fargo is allowing its employees to attend protests and still receive their normal pay. If you work for the company, put the time in as Volunteer hours and let’s get active.

JacobHatesPie 9 hours ago shared via Twitter
Burning down a Wells Fargo is not looting. It’s overdue justice for a banking & credit system that preys on the poor & marginalized

EmmyNawjoopinga 10 hours ago shared via Twitter
Nothing you can say will ever make me feel bad for Wells Fargo. It funded the Dakota Access Pipeline. It funded poisoning of Native people.

StanleyRoberts May 28 shared via Twitter

SarahBelleLin 7 hours ago
Things have simmered down at the Oakland movement except for this fire that was started at the Wells Fargo.

CNBC May 22
Here are the best Wells Fargo credit cards—all with no annual fee

Robbie_gr 10 hours ago
Every Wells Fargo should burn

byopra 4 hours ago
We are in Cowdray Park to investigate more about the water situation in the area. These are pictures of the hand dug shallow wells that residents are now getting water from. There is need for urgent action to address the water situation in Bulawayo.

WFInvesting May 27
To fund a pandemic response, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that it would borrow almost $3 trillion. Learn what this means for investors in our Chart of the Week.

AlecWilmot 2 hours ago
Because actions have scale involved. Wells Fargo destroyed the lives of thousands of black families for greed and were bailed out. This people busted out $10,000 at an atm. Which would be insured, by the way.

KFIAM640 May 28
A man was arrested on suspicion of burglary at a San Diego Wells Fargo bank claims he was there for an innocent reason.

charlesramsgate 9 hours ago
Outer barriers were torn down, go for it all. I don’t even know what Wells Fargo has to do with a man being murdered butt cherry

GoddessAnat 5 hours ago
I really don’t feel sorry for Wells Fargo...at all.

HousingWire May 28
Free for lunch tomorrow? Don't miss our webinar with on the impacts COVID-19 will have on the future of the mortgage market. Experts from loanDepot, Citi Mortgage, Wells Fargo and Tata Consultancy Services will share their views and perspectives.

Bro for us it goes English 1, 2, 3, 4 for the grades

newstimesonline 2 hours ago
SCHOOL NEWS: Wells Fargo gives funds for Big Rock Career Center

WellsFa31297121 9 hours ago
My best dancehall singer ever tuale for you

cdenisegayle 7 hours ago
The Red Rose Amy Coopers are out in force caping for Ida B Wells Fargo West. Little do they know he would sell them out for some inauguration tickets, and a single bar guest appearance on a Jah Rule record.

bkoo May 27
The local bank here has maybe 2% of my banking business for ~2 years and made this happen in a week. I have 5 long standing accounts with Wells Fargo between my business and personal with one of them being a mortgage. For 7 weeks, I was flying my business totally blind.

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