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Email Address Issues Regarding clearXchange Network Payments from Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America
Chase QuickPay Deposit Blocked by Wells Fargo / Bank of America's clearXchange Network Good afternoon everyone. A few days ago, I received a Chase QuickPay payment from my friend. It was my first time receiving a Chase QuickPay payment and I thought it would be a very simple, straightforward process of accepting the payment and having the funds get deposited to my Chase Total Checking account. Unfortunately, the process was not very simple, but with a quick fix, the pro
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U.S. banking regulator kicks off low-income lending rules rewrite
The rules are aimed at preventing discriminatory lending and so-called redlining by requiring banks to extend mortgages and other types of credit to low-income communities where they take deposits.Regulators regularly grade banks on their compliance, and lenders that do not make the grade face limits on their ability to expand through mergers, acquisitions or adding new branches until issues are addressed.
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LarissaChm 28 Nov 2017 shared via Twitter
still at the fraud I see - wont update an address on an account for deposits to be verified and charge a fee because there are no deposits made. Stay classy, WF.

GeorgeMacoukji 9 Apr 2014 shared via Twitter
You used to have a Web page with a street address (not PO Box) for mailing in personal deposits. Is it still there?

MorelliMomma 11 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
Your new "no cash deposits" to accounts unless listed on the account makes it EXTREMELY difficult for parents with children in school in another state. If I can show my name & address are the same as the account holder, wtf can I not deposit a couple hundred bucks in

Xhaust 30 Apr 2016 shared via Twitter
How about sending me your address, so I can send an invoice for my time re- matching all my invoices to deposits for 9 years

Catherynxt12 26 Mar 2013 shared via Twitter

kgs 26 Jan 2015
for direct deposit paperwork, what address do I use -- a local branch? TY.

BlackHoleScion 11 Feb 2013
they fixed the issue, removed the late fee, and made sure the address was correct for the safe deposit box division. Thanks.

tdotlyle 28 Oct 2014
I'm setting up direct deposit for a new job and the form asks for your address, what address should I use? Living in ATX.

MEXRELOAD 21 Oct 2014
Hello I have a question for you! Can I deposit cash if only I know the name and his address of the account holder.

GeorgeMacoukji 9 Apr 2014
You used to have a Web page with a street address (not PO Box) for mailing in personal deposits. Is it still there?

LadyCleoATX 7 Aug 2014
I deposit my rent directly for my Landlady with her address. To refuse me proof of this transaction is ludicrous.

BlackHoleScion 9 Feb 2013
Thanks for threatening to close my safe deposit box . Tell me how I can pay for it when you send info to 1.5 year old address

Mzcourtknee 31 Oct 2011
Wachovia/Wells Fargo kills me...I'm making a deposit for someone else..I gave you the account # so why do u need the address?

8bits1byte 23 Aug 2011
I just had some1 deposit some funds using my accnt #. Clerk asked for my address and DOB. I should've just given the user...

ModeledBehavior 17 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo looking into $3 monthly fee for debit card.

abc7newsbayarea 17 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo says it will roll out a new $3 monthly fee for some customers who have debit cards -

TheFakeCNN 17 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo plans to charge $3 monthly fee for debit card usage starting in October. Just another way the bank plans to fuck it's customers.

denverpost 18 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo says it will test out a $3 per month fee for making debit card purchases in 5 states:

thePaulMcDonald 17 Aug 2011
Philadelphia PA! Wells Fargo Center tonight! Get ready for a throwdown!

TrevorDickerson 16 Aug 2011
Somehow missed this - front page was nothing but an ad for Wells Fargo? Does this go too far? I'm not sure.

PiersMorganLive 17 Aug 2011
Libya rebels battle for key city; Wells Fargo to test $3/month debit card fee. Need to Know News:

cbs46 17 Aug 2011
RT CBSAtlBreaking: Wells Fargo testing a fee for debit cards... $3 a month.: CBSAtlBreaking: Wells Fargo testing...

YahooFinance 22 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo ends debit card rewards for existing cardholders

PSBJ 17 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo is testing a $3 monthly fee for customers in Washington and four other states who use their debit cards.

WJHG_TV 18 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo To Charge Extra For Debit: Wells Fargo customers in four states may see some extra fees.

CBJnewsroom 17 Aug 2011
Wells Fargo to test $3 debit-card fee: Wells Fargo & Co. will begin charging some customers a $3 monthly fee for...

Jnyflower 19 Aug 2011

denbizjournal 22 Aug 2011
NEWS: Finance Etc.: Wells Fargo ends debit rewards (and watch for more in wake of fee cap)

WDBJ7 18 Aug 2011
New debit card fee for Wells Fargo customers: The bank says it plans to test a $3 monthly fee for debit cards st...

whnt 22 Aug 2011
- Wells Fargo: No more debit card rewards. - Ford & Toyota plan to collaborate to develop a hybrid system for...

STGnews 18 Aug 2011
Police Search for Wells Fargo Bank Robber

coloradodaily 22 Aug 2011
Students! Open a new Wells Fargo Checking Package and get a 2-for-1 voucher for a Rocky Mountain Super Pass. Info: http://ow.ly/63PVU (ad)

iamKoriJames 21 Aug 2011
wells fargo plans to charge $3 a month for check card users. that's $36 a year for wells fargo to do nothing more than what they have been

Boogie_Smoove 21 Aug 2011
What's a good bank? Cuz Wells Fargo ain't cutting it for me

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