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Is the Douro Valley about to become one of Europe’s next great wine destinations?Shane Mitchell w...
Quinta do Vallado, Peso da Régua, Portugal
Quinta do Vallado, Peso da Régua – Updated 2018 Prices;sid=3024575d8557287eb6831fafe0360cd2;dest_id=-2172329;dest_type=city;group_adults=2;hpos=13;room1=A,A;sb_price_type=total;srfid=72ca2df531e01f8bacfa694abd287c5cec7128ebX13;type=total;ucfs=1&
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Portugal Travel Guide by ContinentalBlog - Where to go, What to do 01.04.2015 | With spring still evidently on the fence about whether or not it’s going to make an appearance anytime soon, we could all use a vacation to somewhere warm. Luckily the Current happens to be in Portugal this week, soaking up the sun and basking in the warm breeze drifting off the Mediterranean. The country isn’t very big, making it slightly easier to see and do more of what you want than in Spain for example.
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The Wines of Portugal (Organized by Region) | Wine Folly
The Wines of Portugal (Organized by Region) | Wine Folly
Top Five Bargain Destinations for Spring 2012
Portugal is one of the Top Five Bargain Destinations for Spring 2012 by Christine Sarkis, SmarterTravel
6 Traditional Wine Villages To Explore In The Douro Wine Region
Explore these 6 wine producing villages in the Douro wine region. Discover the Cistercian monasteries that are largely responsible for the development of Portugal's most picturesque wine region. See traditional stone cottages and grand manor houses. Learn about local wine production and see workers tending the vines on the terraces. Click to find out more about what to see and do and where to stay in the Douro Valley.
A Must-Try Douro Valley Wine Tour in Portugal
A Douro Valley wine tour in Portugal is perfect for all wine lovers! This is one of the most stunning places you'll ever visit. Here is everything you need to know about the region + the best wineries to visit.
36 Hours in Porto, Portugal - via The New York Times 28.01.2016 | From its stunning Beaux-Arts station to its cool bars serving Porto’s signature drink, this charming city combines the best of old and new. Photo: Cozy Trasca offers petiscos (the Portuguese version of tapas). RePinned by :
Travel Guide To Douro Valley
October 18th - The Douro Valley, Porto, Portugal * Port, one of the world's sweetest and richest wines, comes from grapes grown on stony hills above the golden Douro River. In some vineyards, the vines cling to cliffs so steep that tractors can't negotiate the sharp incline.
The world's best road voted to be in Portugal's wine region
The world's best road voted to be in Portugal's wine region - via Daily Mail 24.04.2015 | The N-222 road from Peso de Regua to Pinhao in Portugal has been awarded Best Road in the World. 17 miles, 93 bends and breathtaking views of the Douro Valley: The world's best road is in Portugal's wine region. RePinned by :
Romantic Sintra and its Palaces and Castles was one of the favourite spots of Lord Byron. Till today it is a must go destination in #Portugal - via @laviajerablog 08.03.2015 | Unesco Heritage Village it's half an hour from Lisbon. Here the Palace of Pena.
Wine growing regions of Portugal map by Sunvil
Portugal – staircase at Lello Bookshop. – This interesting grand staircase in a bookshop in Portugal looks quite intimidating to climb, but it has a great view of the book store. The steps are like two channels of red wine pouring and swirling down to a single point.
#Nature is all around at Six Senses Spa Douro Valley!
Das perfekte Wochenende in Imperfect Porto - Portugal...loading - Life Pinit
Zaragoza, Aragon
How And When To Explore Portugal's Douro Valley: Insider Travel Tips
Best time and best ways to visit the Douro Valley and Douro wine region in Portugal. Click for insider tips on walking and hiking in the Douro, driving, train trips and Douro river trips plus day tours from Porto. See the most scenic wine region in Portugal.
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Wine Tourist Magazine
Douro Valley Wine Adventures - via Wine Tourist Magazine 01.02.2016 | The Douro Valley is the oldest denominated wine region in the world. Some, myself included, argue that it is also the most beautiful. This introduction to the Douro Valley is intended as a guide to the best wine experiences in the Valley, which is one of Europe’s must-visit wine regions. Photo: Quinta do Crasto #Portugal
No Douro, na Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo
Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo
Insider Guide to Portugal’s Southern Coast
Insider Guide to Portugal’s Southern Coast
Casa Cayuco: Eco-adventure at its best in Panama | Sand In My Suitcase
casa cayuco - bocas del toro

MCarlinhes Jan 31 shared via Twitter
Vallado Prima Branco 2018 (Douro - Portugal) 13 Fevereiro 2019 Very subtle aromas with floral savour of roses and peppermint. Delicate on the palate, with predominance of floral flavors. Very fresh at the end.

PortugalLiving 30 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Three very happy travelers enjoying their private visit to Quinta Vallado in the Douro Valley during their October 2018 Tour.

Wine_Partners 11 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
Douro Boys - Harvest 2018 at Quinta do Vallado with Francisco Ferreira: über

CPF_DGLAB 3 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
A partir de hoje pode visitar o documento do mês do CPF_setembro de 2018. Sabe que a Quinta do Vallado é uma das quintas históricas do Douro Vinhateiro? Construída em 1716, é uma das Quintas mais antigas e famosas do Vale do Douro. Visite o nosso Documento do mês e saiba mais!

WTSO 25 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
Quinta do Vallado Douro Reserva Field Blend 2015 93 rating and 54% off!

AndyLynes 12 Jul 2012
The pool, Quinta do Vallado, Douro.

WineSpectator 24 Feb 2010
Daily Wine Pick: QUINTA DO VALLADO Douro Reserva 2007 $65 (Wine Spectator): A finely crafted Douro red with concen...

WTSO 13 Sep 2016
Right now on WTSO: Quinta do Vallado Douro Red 2013 60% off!

WineSpectator 17 Feb 2016
WS Daily Pick: QUINTA DO VALLADO Douro 2013 $23 - A Portuguese red that is lithe and savory

RobertDwyer 24 Dec 2012
2007 Quinta do Vallado Douro Reserva - (91 points!...but didn't enjoy it)

tradutoralive 15 Nov 2016

linda_lbwcsw 14 Jun 2015
2011 Vallado Douro DOC perfect for

acidhousekings 24 Apr 2010
Instead of music. Qunito de Vallado Douro Reserva 2006.

Thewiningwife 26 Nov 2015

vinohead 9 Jul 2018
Wine of the Day #409: Quinta do Vallado Douro Red 2015, Portugal, rated Excellent, about $23.

Over90Under20 14 May 2010
Found new wine special! Quinta do Vallado Douro Tinto. 93 WS. $19.99

decant3r 11 Dec 2009
A Weekend Wine (1): Quinta do Vallado Douro Red

StevePaulo 13 May 2011
Got a K&L Wines near you? Stop in for the Quinto do Vallado Douro. $15, 89pts RP

marquinista 2 Jan 2013

RuteMJF 24 Jun 2009
Quinta do Vallado, Douro,Portugal, in World's Greatest Hotels,2009,,

duncanpaisley 5 May 2010
Wine of the Week: 2007 Quinta do Vallado Douro Vinho Tino

claywallin 4 May 2018
Tasting some with new friends from Quinta do Vallado, Douro

WineandLavender 14 Jan 2017
Not sure what to say about this one- Check it out... Wine of the Week: Vallado Douro Tinto 2011

WineandLavender 13 Jan 2017

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