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Government Announces Streamlined No-Doc Loan Modification Program |
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mrpistorino 22 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
False equivalence, reckless and misleading statements, yet again? Please tell me this isn’t the norm here...? Ford did not receive TARP funds. However, they did manage to secure a loan from DOE. Red herring.

BrianRoss 4 Sep 2012 shared via Twitter
Red Carpet for Figure at Dem Convention DOE Official Who Pushed for Loan Gets VIP Tour

jonnajarian 3 Apr 2012 shared via Twitter
Green energy bleeds red RT : World's Largest Solar & 2nd Largest evr DOE Loan Files 4 Bankruptcy ZeroHedge

publicintegrity 14 Sep 2011 shared via Twitter
Today's House hearing probes DOE's approval of 's $535M gov't loan. Were the red flags ignored?

CDNnow 8 Jun 2012 shared via Twitter
DOE Loans Loaded with Red Tape

greenmeme 22 Mar 2009
Red Green & Blue: DOE Offers First Renewable Energy Loan In Four Years

djysrv 1 Apr 2012
Platts: NEI's Alex Flint sys DOE/OMB red tape slows approval of final loan guarantee for Vogtle plant

Love0fFreedom 19 Oct 2011
obama Caught Red Handed covering up | Busted: DOE Altered Loan Program Bulletins

BradyDale 16 Oct 2012
still, we were lucky we went to a school that got our student loans from DOE and not banks. Go Big Red. We weren't screwed.

energysection 10 Dec 2009
DOE Offers $245M Conditional Loan Guarantee To Red River...: Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently announced the off...

energysection 9 Dec 2009
ADA Carbon Solutionsa Subsidiary, Red River Environmental Products, Receives DOE Loan Guarantee: ADA Carbon Solutio...

Ed 22 May 2012
Via : : Obama Bundler's Husband Got More Than $1Billion in DOE Solar Energy Loans

Wasilla_Gorilla 11 Feb 2012
(CDN) Solyndra-Style DOE Loan Report Released: The Obama administration was caught red...

BRyvkin 21 Dec 2019
I fail to see what Wall Street has to do w/ student loan debt that is 90% serviced or underwritten by the federal govt directly or indirectly through the DOE. What a laughable red herring.

lisa_smith40 21 Nov 2019
I understand red tape, but “[DOE] would ... fast-track — [publish] an ‘interim final rule’ — in order to make the necessary changes. But [DOE] declined to provide a timeline for when the rule would be issued and when it would resume the processing of loan forgiveness.” So wrong!

billsorn 15 Jan 2019
Broader point is that government shouldn’t be in that business at all. Huge Solyndra loss was entirely avoidable, but DoE moronically and needlessly agreed to subordinate their loan behind new lenders, at a time red flags had already emerged.

ecoStu_ 17 Jul 2018
3x DOE grants/loans. Carbon fee & dividend w/ border adjuster. Retain & increase CPP. Regain US leadership w/ Paris. Retain & increase CAFE standards. 3x urban public transit funds. Incentivize 0-emission cars. Make bipartisan (publicize red states & clean energy).

DogwoodAlliance 28 May 2014
Son of Solyndra? Green Groups See Red Over DOE Boondoggle Loan Guarantee Plan

hashonomy_gus 31 Oct 2012
Emails show Obama admin used DOE loan money to help Harry Reid’s 2010 c... (via )

LizHWrites 7 Jun 2012
RT DOE Loans Loaded with Red Tape - Economist Milton Friedman once told an insightful anecdote concerning his trip t...

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