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rieadaks May 26 shared via Twitter
tsukki everytime someone he hates makes a really funny joke :

baekhoism 3 hours ago shared via Twitter
Caption: LOVEs... really... thank you for your hard work this time Why is this so sad and funny at the same time 😭😂

OfficialTAZ May 20 shared via Twitter
Shad died a hero, saving his son’s life. As a parent, there are no words to even explain that. He was a really positive & funny guy every time we spoke, just a good dude. Prayers for his family during this horrible time. 🙏

guanIintw May 26 shared via Twitter
Papa Lai’s IG 🥺 “I was still thinking that day, what nicknames has this child had before? Someone really went to compile it, it’s quite funny.” It includes Lee Guanlin, Lee Cola, milk bottle, cool guy, chick, Xiao Lai, Gulliver baby maknae, Linlin, Eddie, Lai Er, face genius😂

minpeachyy May 25 shared via Twitter
BTS as your classmates: a really not that funny thread but nvm just read it shahshs + (tanya homework ver.)

MyTigersDen May 24
Instiz post on "Nu'est fans my brother's phone wallpaper is this photo" recently my brother is really into exercising, his tattoo places are similar to Kang dongho nim's kekeke, that's his wallpaper so funny, btw he isn't interested in idols at all ++ (contd)

k_popstory May 25
[PANN] Knetz discuss is GOLDEN CHILD Jangjun really an idol or not because how funny he is!

MariMariMack May 21
If you have feelings for me or want some sort of relationship, dont. All I know how to do is pay bills, take pointless ass pictures, reassure you too much, post funny ass memes, get you wine drunk and fuck really well. I know that all sounds so foreign and boring these days.

SANWlO May 24
We really took animal crossing pocket camp for granted huh

without_yun 5 hours ago
I wrote that Jangjun is so funny on Pocketdols and then asked if it was Sungyoon who taught him how to use the app 🐰 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was going to show him how to use it but he learnt it himself and is doing really well right now ㅎㅎ

iheartshinee_ 6 hours ago
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is really funny but so true Op compares between a cup of coffee and taemin bubble which both prices at 4500won but a cup and a month respectively 1. is it good for the body? 2. Is it cute? taemin bubble wins

badbitchme3 May 25
lmao the fact that doja really went in on live after filming 98 APOLOGY VIDEOS, and some of y’all still believe she’s a racist, is kind of funny actually

batshaped May 22
look i know you people think i "make things up" for my "comics" but he really is actually like this

RVKimBae 2 hours ago
Kkkk Monster kkk really funny

titisanjangjun 21 hours ago
They're really filming it that day (200509) and its funny when the other changes their outfits before live but jangjun still wore it right lol.. and joochan wearing his denim but still we can see his blue shirt sksksk

innuendoswift 4 hours ago
funny how she’s supposed to be scary but she’s really just a baby

falloutmoi May 20
isn't it funny that when we saw for the 1st time it was like a drama with no clear plot but now we're stressed because it is really a drama with no clear plot

blushykawa 8 hours ago
ok trying this again cuz my dumbass forgot the hashtag but work ur magic i'm begging like/rt/reply if u like: - haikyuu - bsd - given - ass class - your name - no. 6 - bnha - asanoya- - anything really pls be moots w me i'm funny i follow back pls i'm desperate 😭💔

she really went from natalie rushman to natasha romanoff in a split second why this is so funny to me

eyesonone May 25
Knets reactions to Hyewon's monday fairy antics: 3 It's like a voice only vlive 4 It's ASMR, so listen with volume up lol 6 My ears ~ are ~ melting ~ 9 Kwangbae, are you trying to kill me? omg 10 You are so cute these days 11 Wow my eardrums ㅠㅠ 13 Kwangbae is really funny lmao

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