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Rollinpizzadc 3 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Apparently, the avg American eats 23 pounds of pizza per year. Are you on track to meeting your quota ? Just in case, we will be at 🚚📍 (6th & Maryland Ave)

henryjonesxmt Mar 24 shared via Twitter
That trimmer clearly didnt give a fuck and was trying to hit his daily quota of trimming one pound per day. Used to trim weed and would see the shitty workers take short cuts like this all the time. Shame.

angelakohl4 23 Mar 2014 shared via Twitter
: The average American/Canadian will eat about 11.9 pounds of cereal per year.” that's your quota for the day

DonWLovett 25 Feb 2016 shared via Twitter
That's two pounds per man, woman and child. Well, I certainly met my quota. How did you do?

IAMBENZINO 19 Jun 2012 shared via Twitter
I making shrimp ceviche, 228 calories per serving, I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks, ive almost reached my quota of 160, then put on 20 of muscle

DineOutHealthy 16 Sep 2009
Americans eat 90+ pounds of tomatoes per capita each year? Try the Seafood Cobb @ Atlantic Grill to help meet ur quota http://bit.ly/CZkuB

SeafoodcomNews 16 Sep 2014
Alaska's prices reach $7 per pound mark with quota nearly reached

Say your rent is £475 two month rent break that’s £950 outstanding £135 pound extra on rent for the remaining 7 month quota ramping rent up to £610 what if the family lives month to month you will have a nation of rent arrears crazy recession,debt,death looming.

TradexFoods 3 Jul 2018
Despite the decreased quota, we are still seeing docks prices down significatly - by about $1.50 - $2.00 per pound. Prices on 1-3lb single frozen IQF Pacific Halibut Fletches from the USA were in the high $14s at the beginning of the year. Watch More @

tsizzle84 20 Jun 2019
Price discovery for the quota amount ((if that's the case)) will be very interesting - what price will producers In the US require in order to complete the quota of 2M pounds per annum ? 😋🤔still plenty of unknowns

DaleCrammond 18 Nov 2017
The price point works for both our industry and the US consumer, certainly in quota exports. Paying out of quota duties makes it more difficult. Beef in premium US retailers will all be north of $20 per pound

houseklan 11 Feb 2019
A lot of wine enters tariff free already (take Chilean wine, or quotas from countries like NZ and Australia). Wine tariff after quota is 4/6p per bottle. 1 glass of wine will be 1p cheaper but a lot more expensive, if you include devaluation of the Pound.

tsizzle84 2 Feb 2019
@Fahy_Co has anyone modeled out a Sec 232 - est potential 10% quota for US domestic production - how many Lbs per annum that would be - and which companies have the capacity to fulfill those pounds to the US utilities? Thanks

tyxmusic 29 May 2019
You just have to eat more. Aim for 1g of protein per pound of body weight and you’ll be good. I have three scoops of whey a day to help me hit my quota lol

RodneyMunch7 5 Jul 2019
per pound for their entire supply, not just the theoretical 25% quota the miners are seeking. So rather than focus all their resources campaigning against a quota which they say will put them out of business, why don't they campaign for tax breaks and government subsides similar

TerrorandLove 27 Oct 2010
Cause pound for pound, per capita, $/SF, US of A is over quota on Batshit Insano Crazies.

pxwhittle 13 May 2016
fishermen near elver quota, at $1,450 per pound (From )

I recently found out that for some strange reason the subscription quota for ARM deployments is 800 per region. Here’s a handy cleanup script for older ones since it takes 30 seconds or so to delete each one:

agbroker 18 Jun 2009
Have 500 pounds of California Quota Solid Not Fat for sale. Asking $420 per pound - will take less.

bizangles 5 Dec 2009
23 pounds per person per year. Have you met your quota for pizza?

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