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Uplifting Morning Prayer for a Clean and Pure Heart
Prayer For A Clean Heart ~ Jesus answered, ” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” ( John 14:6 ) Oh God, heavenly Father! Lord Jesus Christ! Holy Spirit of the living God. Thank You for this, another chance and day You have given to me. Help me to remove all the doubts and unclean thoughts that are inside my mind, heart and soul now. Let Your power be revealed in me and through me, oh God and create in me a clean heart. [...]
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2g. Freddie Mercury. On Stage. The 80s.
2g. Freddie Mercury. On Stage. Th..
we'll be revolting children 'til our revolting's done
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I could write a book about the antics between my grandfather and me. We constantly played pranks on each other and I followed him everywhere. So loved him.
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When elon musk was studying at @uofpenn in the early '90s, he and his roommate, Adeo Ressi wanted to find a way out of their spartan student housing, according to @vogue. So, the two moved into a huge house off campus and decided to turn it into a nightclub to cover the rent. . "Club Musk" was apparently a huge hit, bringing in over 1,000 customers on some nights, but Elon wasn't exactly the king of the party. . "There were some nights where I'd be like, 'Where's Elon?'" Ressi told Vogue. "I'd g
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L'annuaire des écoles dans les Ardennes, adresse, numéro, horaires, ...
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Now that we are moving in together, I assume this is a good time to tell you about some of my "habits". -- Before you get all packed up and move in with someone new, hopefully you know what you're getting yourself into. | Moving Day Humor
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VodafoneEgypt 6 Jul 2012 shared via Twitter
  You can use MSN, Yahoo & G talk from the bundle quota and any extra MB will be charged with 1 L.E   ^NI

LUNARTIST_ 9 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
A n g e r y c h i l d I don’t think Charlie has had her coffee yet ... Btw Charlie we need those eggs for Quota...Oof (?)- Morning doodle -

BMeltin 27 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
Employing people on the basis of a skin colour quota rather than on ability? A massive negative impact both on L&G profits and on wider society. I will be moving my PEPs and ISAs away from L&G at the first opportunity.

HeNNyPrINcE 15 Nov 2011 shared via Twitter
Find her RT : @TJnotKD I've met my quota for my life!!!

1ClickRepeater 11 Aug 2017 shared via Twitter

BonnieMounts 18 Mar 2013
@L_A_N_G_J_O_E_Y mhmm. Reach your quota yet?

stranger_poetry 3 Nov 2019
New Earth is KINGDOM of Sovereign Creator ruled by just 144,000 SAINTS of THIS Earth as Christ says only 144,000 is QUOTA to save ALL in new Earth when Creator resets ALL sinners again as little children as He did in THIS Earth with 1/3 of immortal men who followed Satan into sin

ALL 144,000 quota of saints are resurrected AFTER King 'Lucifer's death ~2027 and translated to new Earth Even MORTAL, Christ showed us saints of the PAST living in this Earth by translation... that is how we ALL get to new Earth, not in this 'universe'

No-one is doomed my friend !!! We are made in Creator'ss image which is SPIRIT, NOT flesh Pfysics & Maths finally found out their mistake not by coincidence 'just-in-time' for the last few saints of God's quota to be able to face down Satan himself cast MORTAL to face judgement

VABVOX 7 Sep 2015
It's very tired. And it ignores that whole two-for-one diversity quota issue. Which is why we need black & L & G ppl writing TV.

stranger_poetry 7 Nov 2019
IF the People stopped voting between evil men then we would have equality Creator ends ALL evil by ending this kindergarten Earth once He has QUOTA of 144,000 saints to RULE new Earth kingdom of God by LOVE of ALL No sinner can face God so some die a 2nd death before realising

MacAree 17 Jan 2015
that’s their quota for the year

10223335 21 Aug 2017
Maybe your standards are just to high so not many make the quota !! (0_-)

EdWhelanEPPC 31 Aug 2018
Why would this quota mentality stop with sex/gender? Why wouldn't next step be to dictate the racial/ethnic/LGBT (or L/G/B/T) quotient of every board?

ManuelOgalla 20 Aug 2015
Homegrown quota, boring but true. Sterling also has good resale value.

stranger_poetry 19 Oct 2019
'homosexual' an oxymoron invented to obfuscate biological Truth: sex IS male &female creating Flood of 7billion sinners at end of all evil and corruption as Creator ends this Earth Nahum1:8-9 with quota of 144,000 saints to RULE new Earth better than politics &religions of Satan

G_L_E_N_D_O_N 1 Apr 2016
Sorry, I needed to up my quota of Dad jokes for the week.

MelWilterdink 21 Sep 2018
"The sole effect [of SB 826] will be for existing board members to assume new women board members are only there as quota-fillers who are by definition less qualified than they."—from Mary L. G. Theroux's latest

doctorscoin 20 Jul 2009
50 percent reservations in p.g quota for 3 year rural services: are doctors made to be killed....l ets do smet.. http://bit.ly/6K5MZ

trevox 19 Dec 2011
Yes We need experts in H.O.L. e.g. present Life Peer system but not hereditary. Elected peers should replace hereditary quota.

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