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Thank you... quote stats at me all you want, but if I have to work 2 jobs just to pay rent and buy groceries (savings? Down payment? Please) then I do not care about your stats
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It started at a dollar. I've gone to places before where, not having insurance, it cost $367 PER BOTTLE. I've had to ration both insulin and lantus before, and sometimes not because of insurance and money but because of insurance refill policies. It's completely unfair.
Capitalism at its finest. Larger extended families living together can be stigmatised in the UK (and maybe other Western countries too). It’s suddenly a measure of success to have this nuclear family. It’s actually economically better for you as a person and can benefit all members across different generations, but due to the stigma it isn’t usually done.
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And that’s just for one person, without dependents.
For real. Jeez. I just want to pay off my debt and take care of my grandparents without also having to go broke in the progress because elders don’t need money either right?
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What about the land that your house is on? What does that count as? Does that mean it can be taken away from you?
Teachers stay often hours beyond the “contract” times, do all manner of extra (student activities, clubs, and so on) and it’s not only expected, teachers are shamed for leaving “early”
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& since rent prices are not regulated, guess what...good luck trying to keep up with basic necessities.
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poverty simulation game. Click on the "photo" and you will make decisions regarding food, rent, etc. See how far you get in the month. We had to all do this at work. I made it just over 3 weeks,
I avoid a lot of these things because they're unhealthy, but they are not the reason why people are poor. People are poor because the system is rigged to favor the rich. It is extremely difficult to get out of poverty if you were born into it and manage to face any kind of economic hardship whatsoever. THAT is why people are poor. PERIOD!
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How Much Rent Can I Afford?
So true, I have never been one to spend money, so I have perfrct credit, owe no one anything, have never had a late fee, much less been sued, evicted, or had to file bankruptcy because of debt. Some people never learn and stay broke, homeless, carless, always having bills!
Do you know what happens to a minimum wage earner who would like to rent a one bd. apartment? They cannot, because they do not meet the income requirements of 3x the rent anywhere in America.

ING_Economics 1 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
Canada will find a way out because it's everything when it comes to US aluminium supply says ING's , but the real risk lies in negotiations resulting in a quota system

_sarahkhan 28 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
as an example, we watched bits of Rohini Pande's acceptance speech for the Carolyn Shaw Bell award for mentoring women in economics. we studying quotas this week, and Pande talks about her personal experience w/quota implementation in the speech /4

EnergiewendeGER 15 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
Germany's Minister for Economics wants to stop renewables, thus suggesting a quota system (like in US) & kill feed-in tariffs

steve_hanke 18 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
"Former Reagan administration colleague and John Hopkins economics professor Steve H. Hanke calls Lighthizer and Trump advisor Peter Navarro "dyed-in-the-wool protectionists who have never seen a tariff or quota that they didn’t fall in love with.” *Johns

we_re_DEAD 2 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter
Ten years on from Norway’s quota for women on corporate boards ("Pay gap" is based on the mythical premise that "just" wages exist in "market" "economics" (or ANY fairness or "justice" for that matter)... well, no, never did, never will, never can exist.)

ShankkarAiyar 24 Sep 2016

kosh_1 4 Nov 2018
Yes, heard Dawn Foster's name in the Orla NWCI episode. DF seemed sensible in her episode, informed, with a rounded view of the politics and economics. Orla, more of a stepping-stone feminist, riding others' misery as ticket for leadership and a quota.

LICASnews 21 Sep 2016
's quota system for , tribals in jeopardy Read:

Really excited to be part of the challenge. With a background in Economics and venturing Artificial Intelligence, I am poised to contribute my quota for sustainable change across economies

IndianExpress 28 Sep 2017

TrevorABranch 3 Apr 2014
Economics in a lab: people race for fish when there is a pooled quota, but don't with individual quotas; & prefer IQs

shivendushekhar 7 Feb 2017
Economics in the caste shud decide quota. Caste can't b ignored. 's Tweet:

sdwived78367662 10 Jan 2019
Economics is not your field Sir, take a book on Vivekanand and Paramhans, and possibly Gita (Disclaimer - Reservations and Quota have to go in every form) 10% quota for economically weaker sections, a muddled thinking, says Amartya Sen

RK_sports 6 Jul 2016
Of Economics, quota, exodus - on the reality in South African cricket

AhmadAakash 13 Nov 2019
Now, I have serious doubts on Oxford Alumni. One guy claiming to have Bachelors in Politics and Economics (as a *head of state*) can distinguish between geo-location of Japan & Germany... Sports Quota admissions...

Iloveautumn2 21 Oct 2018
Sorry I have exceed my quota for the week of talking to idiots. Please go and educate youself in Economics and European History.

eddiep980 Mar 7
Economics is literally the study of human decision making. In a Marxist economy a central planner makes all the decisions for the economy. So like nah fam? Also there’s like no technological progresss in a Marxist economy you just produce your quota nothing more nothing less.

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FishJournals 21 Jan 2014
Finding the accelerator and brake in an individual quota fishery: linking ecology, economics, and fleet dynamics...

PeteCroatto Jan 3
Yup. Many newspapers rely on stringers for local news and sports. That 35 article quota per outlet will be exhausted in a month. It’s a law devoid of compassion, common sense, and economics.

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