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Why you should invest in real estate now. Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world. What makes a condo, townhouse, or house and lot for sale in the Philippines a good investment? One might think that buying a property in a prime location like Makati, Taguig or Ortigas (Pasig), automatically equates to a good investment. Any real estate broker or agent will often tell you that the best property investment highly depends on the property’s rental yield. Having knowledge of rental yields will give you a good idea of how quickly you can recover or make profit from the money you’ll invest . How to calculate rental yield By definition, rental yield is how much rental income a property produces each year compared to its total value. The formula is as follows: Gross Rental Yield = (Monthly Rent * 12 / Property Cost ) * 100 The property cost should factor in the property purchase price, along with additional costs like Stamp Duty, Brokerage Fees & Renovation or Maintenance Costs. Higher rental yields mean better investments Once you have the rental yield for the property you want, it’s time to compare. Most people only look at affordability or location as points of comparison without thinking too much about the return. It’s a sound approach, since properties are assets that appreciate through time. On the other hand, a more serious investor would want to compare properties by their rental yields to get a better idea of how much time it would take to get the best returns out of their investment. A comparison of rental yields in Metro Manila The Data Science took a look at a year’s worth of data from 75,000 Metro Manila properties for for sale and for rent listed on its site. Out of this data, they were able to get the average rental yield for each city in Metro Manila. It’s interesting to note that costlier cities like Taguig and Makati provide lesser rate of rental return compared to more affordable locations. For example, when choosing between a studio unit in Makati priced at Php 4.5M and a studio unit in Manila priced at Php 2.8M, one might initially think that the former has better investment potential than the latter. By looking at rental prices for both cities–Makati at Php 30,000 and Manila at Php 20,500, it is safe to conclude that a Manila property will provide better return on investment. Conclusion These cases demonstrate that affordability or location might provide answers on which properties would best fit a buyer’s present needs, but being well-informed of various rental yields can certainly help in coming up with a more confident decision when investing on a property. For inquiries contact: 0935 9807295 / 0998-2714371 #bigsale #discount #deals #saledepot
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fishingforleave 27 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
Losing 60% of UK fish to EU + cost to buy/rent quota frm shore based Slipper Skippers is strangling industry & stifling next generation Brexit can create a £6-8bn sustainable industry But govt must ; repatriate all resources; allocate fairly & ban slipper skippers

iamCscott 1 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Have you met your quota today? Rent is due.

MikeHookemUK 17 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
A look back at my visit to North Shields fishing port. From 'slipper skippers' to the need to rent quota, the situation for British fishermen is disgraceful. In fact, the whole system needs a total overhaul. May's deal will sell out our Fishermen further!

Jordan7Hatton May 6 shared via Twitter
Say your rent is £475 two month rent break that’s £950 outstanding £135 pound extra on rent for the remaining 7 month quota ramping rent up to £610 what if the family lives month to month you will have a nation of rent arrears crazy recession,debt,death looming.

WinsomePenderg4 May 23 shared via Twitter
Governor. Andrew Cuomo, How many more lives do you need to meet your quota ? What’s the number? That will satisfy your slimy, greedy thumping Gizzard of a heart? Cancel the DAM RENT, NOW. We are sick of seeing your prune face on the TV.

scottlincicome 27 Mar 2019
And YOU get a quota rent, and YOU get a quota rent, and....

CoppetainPU 20 Nov 2019
Thanks for sharing. But I'm afraid it's more technical than that. This is not about actual tariffs, and not even about the size of tariff-rate quotas, but about how access to the quotas (and quota rent) is managed, a kind of non-tariff barrier

focusasia_ 16 Jan 2016
Banks give back China investment quotas as clients bypass the middlemen * Banks' quota rent... Join chat

Iamthecowking 7 Dec 2015

CoppetainPU 4 Apr 2019
Now I get it. Mode 5 is just an excuse to collect tariffs on services, and create quota rent with TRQs. Talk about value-added

bouwman_adam 2 Jul 2017
Sell the quota and rent the land out for 10 years and move to alberta. Double income.

KenPlume 3 Jun 2019
“Mommy and Daddy said if I meet quota, I can rent my room back from the lodger!”

fishingforleave 17 Sep 2017
Behave-support all round UK.Why are you SFFs pet twitter pitbull?You've no quota & rent every tail.Want to stay on merry go round? It's mad.

KLKoe 30 May 2019
Dedak, quota , rent-seeking... nuff said

InsertRainbows 21 Nov 2019
I'm selling a character over on FA and I am doing emergency commissions as well. A wee bit behind on my personal quota for rent. The stress is real. If you are interested but do not have an FA, PM me. ^^

journeyis 9 Mar 2019
always looks and sound like a pressed used car salesman trying to make his quota for rent. 😥 💦💧💦

deadalnix 31 Mar 2016
Well quota tends to create quota rent, so that's most likely what is happening here.

fishingforleave 30 Oct 2018
Are you going to detail to him the huge problem in the demersal sector of high costs of quota rent from slipper skippers making off with a large proportion of the gross and the cost of buying quota near prohibitive to making a return on the investment..?

exolefirstclass 13 Dec 2018
Googles “how to calculate quota rent” bc :(

fishingforleave 4 Oct 2018
I'll pass that on. Should I pass on the reasons as to why to someone you've never met to or spoke to and won't personally engage with. Or is it something a little deeper with all this quota you rent?

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