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Warren Buffett Quotes | Advice’s Instagram post: “Follow @BaskalKorkis . This is a example of one of my deals. . I wanted to buy this property for years. I even called the owners for rent…”
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asglidden 4 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
As a motivating example, take quota-based affirmative action programs. While they may rectify an unfair disadvantage (in the best case), they also tend to create a rent-seeking constituency for their continued existence in the abstract future where racism is "solved". 2/

CoppetainPU 2 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
Great thread And if anyone's looking for a clear example of "quota rent" ("rent seeking", even), see tweets 5/ and 8/

Gunnar_Thor 17 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
A modern and unusual example of rent-seeking involves U.S. imports of canned tuna. Tuna is protected by a "tariff-rate quota": A small quantity of tuna (4.8% of U.S. consumption) can be imported at a low tariff...

focusasia_ 16 Jan 2016 shared via Twitter
Banks give back China investment quotas as clients bypass the middlemen * Banks' quota rent... Join chat

Iamthecowking 7 Dec 2015 shared via Twitter

bouwman_adam 2 Jul 2017
Sell the quota and rent the land out for 10 years and move to alberta. Double income.

fishingforleave 17 Sep 2017
Behave-support all round UK.Why are you SFFs pet twitter pitbull?You've no quota & rent every tail.Want to stay on merry go round? It's mad.

CaptnJabberJaws 16 Jul 2017
Don't even want to talk about someone paying them rent on our fish. Barry sold his quota years ago and tries to use aboriginal card for more

GovenderKiren 23 Dec 2016
Nama houses a quota shud be sold to local govt councils to rent to families first.apts for single ppl to rent

deadalnix 31 Mar 2016
Well quota tends to create quota rent, so that's most likely what is happening here.

KnowYourSong18 1 Nov 2017

deadalnix 3 Feb 2016
At this point it is fairly clear that blockstream is creating a quota rent.

fishingforleave 17 Sep 2017
PS- does the SFF proposal end slipper skippers and quota rent? do you and John want to keep that going? it's all we are asking...

BlancoBetterOff 13 Sep 2016
i really just had to teach myself how to find the deadweight loss in comparison to quota rent I'm too high lol

fishingforleave 21 Nov 2017
are you the mike parky & twitter troll because you've no quota & rent everything from slipper skippers that run the feds? effort control's a saviour for lads like you. When discard ban kicks in you'll have life support switched off. Wake up min!

KneWKeeD 17 Jan 2018
I'm not saying it's not doable but pls break that N50K X 12 = N600,000 per annum salary down into; Transport - Quota(rent) - Food/Drinks - Airtime - Utility bills - Body and mind maintenance - Household items -

sharonsteed 12 Sep 2017
i'll only buy if it's $145. gotta hit my apple quota for the year. i can't pay my rent this month BUT I GOT THE NEWEST APPLE PENCIL 💁🏾

fishingforleave 17 Sep 2017
you're 1 of the few that wants 2 keep quota rent, chokes & guard job dependancy- why?we've system of catch less land more, no chokes,no rent

eSocial_Trader 10 Feb 2016
How to Calculate the Quota Rent on Supply and Demand

nw3 1 May 2018
Tariffs are more controversial than quotas. If the political cost of tariffs is greater than actual cost of quota rent then do the quota. It's the neoliberal preference to select the efficient economic outcome, rather than the holistically effective one.

NancyHerr4 21 Mar 2017
OMG now it's Handmaids Tale. Call+pay rent-a-womb, clock in, make widget quota, clock out=Rs capitalism

GonzoEcon 2 May 2018
It’s it’s been a while since I taught international trade, but I believe this paragraph is misleading. The allocation of the quota rent depends on who gets the import licenses. /1

paulkrugman 1 May 2018
In the case of a tariff, the wedge between domestic and world prices is equal to the tariff. In the case of a quota, there's an equivalent "rent" -- what the right to sell a unit of the good to US would sell for. (Historically, there have even been markets for export rights) 3/

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