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SusieusMaximus 15 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
Sorry, can't resist one more. (And laws that have an explicit quota system for various countries are by definition discriminatory.)

CoppetainPU 20 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Thanks for sharing. But I'm afraid it's more technical than that. This is not about actual tariffs, and not even about the size of tariff-rate quotas, but about how access to the quotas (and quota rent) is managed, a kind of non-tariff barrier

KenPlume 3 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
“Mommy and Daddy said if I meet quota, I can rent my room back from the lodger!”

MuLim23409232 May 20 shared via Twitter
What I knew was EXPANDED TESTING FOR COVID-19 by the IATF since MARCH 2020. The MASS TESTING was just made to make ISSUE, NOISE, and NEWS by the MEDIA to make QUOTA. Wala na KASI MA FLASH NEWS! Buti pa kaming mga taga SOUTH MINDANAO, AWARE sa SITUATION and DEFINITION OF TERMS

ragarwal 20 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Economic legacy 😂😂😂 70 years of mismanagement, license quota raj, corruption in every nook and corner, rent seeking, crony capitalism, land grabbing sons in law, bank loans on phone calls to NPAs, FERA clearances through sons consultancy. Great legacy

is the definition of quota system General. When u bring qualified to par with qualified, what will be the outcome? One Nigeria is a scam and a sin against humanity. before it’s too late. One Nigeria can never work!

putrid_fruit May 19
I worked in the tomato farms on the Isle of Wight. I hope as rubbish. Never once met the minimum quota of quantity picked per hour. Many of the guys from Eastern Europe picked nearly twice as much as me and one had bought a beautiful house back home. I could hardly afford my rent

BlatchfordLaw 20 Jun 2019
The report is in. releases its recommendations for strengthening Canada's and sectors. 42 sweeping recommendations from tax incentives to disbursement quota & from revenue generation to modernizing the definition of charity.

beachmagoo 27 Nov 2019
Proportional Representation: Its definition and the superiority of quota-preferential PR (PR-STV) over Party List systems A look a from Australia 🇦🇺. This has some great links.

CoppetainPU 4 Apr 2019
Now I get it. Mode 5 is just an excuse to collect tariffs on services, and create quota rent with TRQs. Talk about value-added

dannyboyy68 May 17
The Rooney rule i ma racist by definition but had some good intentions to it. This new one is just Grimy. It’s basically saying the nfl has a quota to fill for race and will corrupt the integrity of the game to hit that quota

WorlowDennis 26 Mar 2019
“White Privilege” is an asinine term and the definition of racism. Smollet, now there’s privilege... or Pocahontas Litzy Warren, so Privileged she faked Indian heritage... but this gets back to the racism of Quota/Affirmative Action Laws.

skerries18 Apr 12
8 followers ✅ SF - bot lives rent free in their own brain 🧠 ✅ Look left 👀 tell Leo directly Bots don’t have votes 🗳 See him on count 5 oops failed to reach quota in 2020:02 FYI reported and blocked

zedshaw 19 May 2019
Or, more specifically, an actual law was written that was fair and based on the civilian definition of SH rather than just whatever the local base commander decided would help him meet his quota of soldiers thrown out. Then came the fitness and drug tests!

KClausing 26 Mar 2019
And both are effectively regressive consumption taxes. With a quota, however, the US government gets no revenue unless they auction off the right to sell to US. So foreign parties gets that "rent" from the higher US prices.

wout_va 30 Mar 2019
AND very important: the Belgian and European definition of a liberal is someone who loves freedom and personal choices. We use different quota here in Europa. So a Us liberal is not the same as an European Liberal.

Krishnendukes 14 Dec 2019
I really do not go by what Quota says. I go by definition of Political Science. And for all practical purposes: Democracy is the tyranny of the majority.

ramit_1970 9 Jul 2019
Domicile is a grey area and definition varies from state to state. For those whose parents are on a transferable job, it becomes difficult for them to apply in any state quota.

GntxD 3 Jan 2019
This is the definition of tokenism. There shouldn't be any sort of quota to be met. These people are not a fucking bucket-list for your diversity check-off and their superficials are not immediate qualifying traits of being well-made, or even relatable character.

Need to end quota rent/slipper skippers and FQA monopolisation With the above young lads can't see career progression/incentive of being able to from deck to wheelhouse All repatriated resources MUST go in a national pool for all or current generation will be last

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