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Love Is... when you lose your appetite.
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nohatsallowed 6 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
Handed out pamphlets about dieting that included things putting a picture of a “grotesquely obese person” on your fridge to make you lose your appetite

adamsconsulting 23 Sep 2009 shared via Twitter
So sorry, did that Linda Blair picture make you lose your appetite? Hey, it freaked me out too - and I wrote the article. LOL

a_mastro10 26 Jan 2013 shared via Twitter
and you're not even Italian. This is interesting. Look at pictures of Moratti. That should make you lose your appetite.

NichD 27 Mar 2014 shared via Twitter
The secret is that it's not a pill; it's just that picture, which will make you lose your appetite forever.

asiantown 22 Oct 2015 shared via Twitter
21 Next Level Halloween Makeup Pictures That Will Make You Lose Your Appetite. Warning: Art Taken to the extreme...

Viviana_scene 2 Jan 2014
I can send you a picture that will make you lose your appetite but will blow your mind right ?

Ruchira_Shukla 6 Oct 2018
If you are browsing the net looking for a particular recipe, and you find the recipe but the accompanying picture of the dish is totally unappealing, does that make you lose your appetite and the will to make that dish ?

earljones4 Apr 4
Some of your nudes/ bad bitch behaviors are traumatizing. Some of you post pictures that make others lose appetite. Person talk now na body shaming allegations go Dey fly.

merovingian88 8 Oct 2017
there's a picture that'll make you lose your appetite for the rest of your life 🤣😁🤣

AshleyPadgett8 18 Apr 2015
When sends you pictures that make you lose your appetite 😟 <<<<<

facesbyshawny 24 Dec 2012
Facebook is really bullshit , they be having nasty ass pictures that make you lose your appetite and shit in there 😖😠

johnsmilep 18 Aug 2018
that twitter should make people GIVE A WARNING that the picture you are about to see may make you lose your appetite for a week

PapermaSHAYe 16 May 2011
RT @aimwitue getting showed pictures that make you forever lose your appetite <<

hashtagashleym 11 May 2015
I got a new diet for you to try - look at pictures of your ex... that'll be sure to make you lose your appetite 😂😂😂😂😂

RocketSquid 4 Sep 2012
If you post pictures of your food, I'm going to reply with something that will make you lose your appetite.

Boldly_Question 11 Apr 2016
Now that is a picture that will make you lose your appetite. @SaveUSA2014

GazeboRoom 1 Mar 2018
Does this picture of calamari salad make you hungry, or cause you to lose your appetite? Which foods do you like that make other people say "Eww"?

spacedout_sniff 7 Aug 2011
A picture blog of signs, ads and recipes that may make you lose your appetite:

1828Mariie 30 Aug 2017
Okay idc who you are but don't ever send me a picture of food that isn't even cooked all the way... cause I'll make u lose your appetite

Rowdygirlinmt 22 Nov 2019
IF that was true, which of course it came out of his mouth so it’s not: can you blame her? Would you want to have to look at his picture all day in your office? It’d make you lose your appetite!!

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