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Warning: swearing included
Funny memes
@HiddenHebrewess ♡
That’s me when Adrian says ”your just a friends” really bro😔😫
Me Tryna Fold a Fitted Sheet
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Neck turn on point 🤣🤣🤣
When you're trying to relax and your mom tells you to do something. @windmillways Or, when you're on your lunch break and your boss calls...
✰ ~ yeet ~ ✰
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Your week presented by Jim Carrey
My husband says I sleep like this!!! But after a sleep apnea diagnosis and now using a cpap machine, I'm normal and can actually sleep. Husband no longer gets slapped, kicked, pushed off the bed. Comical but sad.
What😂 wow
We’ve all been there 😂😂
Funny memes and pics #funnymemes #funnypictures #funny #funnyquotes #jokes #fail #funnyfails #funnytexts #messages #funnymessages funny memes hilarious , funny memes for kids, funny memes for adults, animal memes , girl memes , funny texts fails , funny texts from parents, funny picture quotes , humor, movei memes, celebrities, gaming memes #funnymemes #funnymemeshilarious #funnyquotes #funnyfails #funnyanimalpics #schoolhumor laughing #humor #workmemes #funnypics #dankmemes
I'm dead XD but the struggle for taking French class is real
Eu ri disso e n é pouco kkkk
This is funny
Jajaj cuando quieres ayudar tu amigo pero eres mamon
tatianaa17 | 𝕿𝖗𝖝𝖕𝖎𝖊𝖟
Memes Engraçados Brasileiros l #humornegro #comedia
Se um fã de Naruto aprende a dirrigir!
Serious umbrella malfunction.
I'd rather get wet from the rain than get an umbrella like that. Incredible video, I'm impressed. - Eu prefiro ficar molhado da chuva do que ganhar um guarda-chuva desses. Vídeo incrível, estou impressionado.

lime_by_vog 2 minutes ago shared via Twitter
From the deserts of Utah to the fjells of Svalbard, is an open geoscience database that has a wide variety of models for you to . Explore more at

R_akNaDekNgo_KM 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
If they be looking like this at Gulf’s graduation. I’ll be the ugliest sobbing bitch you’ve ever known that could exist. Solid words.

baechurene_ 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
yeri sent a timed message that says “i love you luvies” 🥺

gaganotify 2 minutes ago shared via Twitter
is #1 on both iTunes US and iTunes WW six days after its release. Make sure to purchase the song if you haven't already to keep it on top. ⛈️

Ijn0423 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
200527 video call fansign 👑 © 430AAAAAA op : did you write any songs lately? 🐶 : none lately, i’m still in the middle of preparing! op : will dream have other activities and comeback this year? 🐶 : that’s a secret! (then he did this 🤫)

nctdw127_genie 2 hours ago
🎉 STREAMING PARTY🎉 Since the views is slower increasing, we want to invite you to stream & get more views today! We've almost reached 15 M, so please spread the words! Lets encourage other nctzen again & tell them that there are still many who struggle with them💚

AssBlues 57 minutes ago
Hi💜💜 I hope you are all doing great! This is a daily reminder that I love you🥰💜

patislol 15 minutes ago
You are not alone in this, know that I’m always here for youuuuü

intim8t 34 minutes ago
Life is short. Spend it with people who make you laugh, happy and feel loved.

CoastApparel 1 minute ago
Before you set sail, make sure you are up-to-date on our Coast Apparel sales and new products! Subscribe to our newsletter so that you are always in the know! Subscribe today: 🦀

kentttanderson 2 hours ago
i fucking love the way you make me smile ❤✨

jjonqins 32 minutes ago
🐻: ahh you’re saying that you can post these kind of stuff on (IG) stories.? 🐻: then why are you telling me these. important. news. now.? this still sends :((((((( the periods skskxslskskskalal

BTSTXTgenre 2 hours ago
Losing to that very one year old group they mocked....I'm laughing so hard rn

ImThatGuy1975 1 minute ago
I had a dream that I hired to play a concert and we got to talking and I said man you guys have to have another number 1 hit song in you??? I’m telling you 2020 hit song from these guys is happening.

BeYouDoYouSeeU 5 minutes ago
Love you sweetheart!!! The most pure,innocent,happy and forgiving soul I saw in my life. Proud to know you virtually😔 Bas itna hi kehna tha❤️❤️ Ur ability n capacity to love. Holy books talk a lot abt that. Give this gift to the world my jaan

finelinefalls 2 hours ago
so you’re saying that there’s people on this earth that aren’t in love with louis tomlinson? couldn’t be me.

flukeist 5 minutes ago
to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - ralph waldo emerson

jmjnarchive 2 hours ago
200527 💌 These are the pictures that I took during the MV (shoot)... I don't think I've shown you, so...

clcsuh 15 minutes ago
You were so pretty in my eyes’ /‘I feel the best when I’m walking along with eunbin’ /‘ .. eunbin is my healing aspect, I heal a lot because of you, I feel revived’ -Somi ‘.. I think that’s just how much we love each other’ -Eunbin (clc) x mc: they’re really more than family

BearerShield 2 hours ago
Can you believe that this Manson is only 45M😳😳😳it can only be possible with

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