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winniesun 22 Dec 2016 shared via Twitter
Panera Bread started with cage-free eggs, now sets animal welfare goals for chickens

DavineDC 8 Jan 2017 shared via Twitter
It's not about the hole but the texture of the dough. I don't care how they label them but Panera flat bagels aren't bagels...just bread

jared_dupler 19 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Boyfriend: Where do you want to eat? Her brain: Chipotle McDonald’s Canes Taco Bell Wendy’s Chick-Fil-A Panera Bread Subway Girlfriend: I don’t care

adamjohnsonNYC 21 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
reminds me of when they tried to derail Corbyn by bringing up the time in the 1990s he vaguely said nice things about Hezbollah. The media hammered it for wks then soon realized the amount of people in the UK who actually, truly care about Hezbollah could fit into a Panera Bread.

WWHSWarrior 11 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Our Warriors are on a BYE week but we're still thankful for our Football sponsors who take great care of our teams! Panera Bread Mike Takao Real Estate Vitaus Medical Center Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery

whnt 9 Feb 2019
HEP. A VIRUS: If you have eaten food prepared at Panera Bread, located at 2998 Carter Hill Road in Montgomery, between Jan. 26-Feb. 5, contact your health care provider about a vaccine ASAP.

dayumexo 20 Jun 2019
on my way to panera bread since my final is done, this is self care

DanielRCarrillo 22 Jul 2016
-Has a Panera Bread credit card -Once touched an ocean -Owns 4 pairs of Birkenstocks -Doesn't care for rap, but appreciates it

Do we really need emails from every single company in existence with a frilly mission statement about the pandemic? I rly don't care what response the CEO of Panera Bread or Forever 21 has to Covid-19. This shit clogging my inboxes is exhausting. Just take care of your employees!

tshiro01 Apr 15
It’s not much, but here’s a $25 gift card for you guys. Take care of yourself. If you have a Panera Bread nearby you, rapid pick-up some food. If you can’t pick up, they’re doing free deliveries for $15+ orders using code FREEDELIVERY. Stay as contactless as possible.

unIease 10 Nov 2018
i don’t care if panera bread sprinkled my dead dogs ashes in their food that shit good

Cmm09672 Apr 2
Thanks so much Sis 💙💙💙💙💙 5 Jobs and 5 Friends Babysitting Teachers Aid at a day care center Deli Worker Pharmacy Cashier Associate trainer at Panera Bread

Panera Bread of Destin taking care of the troops with a big assortment of goodies! See video message from staff and group photo within comments!

CloserToMitch 24 Sep 2018
I am so hungover in this Panera Bread and James is taking care of my good ass man

HotBoyMatt1 May 19
Y'all really be interrupting threads by commenting instead of quote tweeting. Don't nobody care that you ate Panera Bread for dinner ho.

Snoochbear May 18
So when we reopen too soon and tons more people die and our infrastructure and businesses cannot be manned because we devistated our own workforce and thereby toppled our own economy... Will you still care about what Panera Bread thinks?

tara_lynns 15 Aug 2018
If it makes you feel any better, I initially thought, Breadloaf was like a Panera/Subway type place... I'm 🤔"she's an A-list writer why does she care about a bread/sandwich store?" 😂 I guess I'm just a philistine.

NorbertMerani 13 Aug 2018
Call me old fashioned but I don't care about make up and dresses i want my girl to be wearing no weakup, hoodie, shit smeared on her face, no pants, and take her out to panera bread. Bring out your natural beauty ladies! Only fake men will tell you to put on make up! 😌☝

dontgetbangs 29 Sep 2016
i care about you. like, call ahead to reserve your bread bowl at panera, care about you.

sierrademulder 19 Feb 2018
How do busy people take care of themselves physically? says the woman on four hours of sleep with two deadlines, four side hustles, and a salaried job, all while shoving an entire Panera bread bowl in her mouth.

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