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DanSpenser May 25 shared via Twitter
I did noticed that in a few scenes the titular Avengers are eating entire salads and sandwiches but become to full to finish them and could have benefitted from some kind of half-sandwich/half-salad combo like they offer at Panera Bread.

CocoDaBear 20 hours ago shared via Twitter
That reminds me of the time I ordered a tuna sandwich with just onion from Panera and it showed up with ONE ring of onion sandwiched between two slices of bread. Zero tuna. All the lulz.

JxValencia May 22 shared via Twitter
Try the chicken salad sandwich from Panera bread !! 🤤

DaniAngel420 May 20 shared via Twitter
I worked at panera bread ... we have full sandwiches & half sandwiches. I would have customers ALL the time genuinely ask the difference between a full and a half sandwich... are you fucking joking LOL

askpanera May 24 shared via Twitter
The removal of the Sierra Turkey Sandwich is just a temporary one while we limit our menu to best serve our communities during the unprecedented time. We can't wait to bring that one back ASAP, and we will let our team know you're missing the Chicken Caesar Sandwich too. 🙂

The fact that none of the sandwich shops make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is very upsetting to me. Imagine a nice honey roasted peanut and your choice of fruit jelly on a freshly baked bread from Panera

I will also mention 💐 - Boudin Bakery - Panera Bread - Le Boulanger .. in that order, for when you want a cafe sandwich feel ☕️ & fabulous dessert afterwards 🍪

verybigpiss May 20
it's fine. what Panera sells aren't bagels. I'm not saying they're bad bagels, they simply are not bagels. just sandwich bread with a hole.

askpanera May 24
You customized your sandwich for a reason! We’re sorry for the mix-up. Send us a DM with your order info so we can help make this right.

KarilDavids233 15 hours ago
This how I felt after eating my first meal at Panera bread that cost me $20 for half a sandwich and a cup of soup

askpanera May 19
You deserve a better sandwich! Send us your bakery-café location and order number in a DM so we can help.

BasedRosie May 24
I used to work at Panera & this streamer on twitch brought up a question. He asked why is a whole sandwich, two sandwiches instead of one? if those two slices of bread was a whole sandwich instead of a half - you’d have to cut that half sandwich in half AGAIN. (1/2)

bluekatt241 May 25
Me: mom I wanna order Panera bread or shawarma sandwich whatchu want My mom who's on the phone with someone who talks for ages: one sec Me: that one sec is gonna be like an hour I need an answer now or I'm ordering only for myself

Mikedewitte3 24 hours ago
Leaving Sioux Falls SD, first time ate a Panera Bread sandwich and coffee. Not bad,but caught daughter cheating on Club365!

furbicore May 25
would like 2 give a shout out to the pretty cashier at panera bread. u r very pretty and the sandwich was very good. thank u.

Panera’s sandwich bread 🤤🤤🤤

Rantherize May 22
Why would Panera Bread take their Caprese sandwich off their menu 😣😣

planjobz May 25
tw food intake calorie counting idk // i ate a panera tuna sandwich + salad and ice cream cake and bbq chips and some bread and pork and THEN A FUCKING MALT SHAKE???????? it was my sisters bday but wat da fuck .

foxinaa_ May 20
i cant stand when i go to panera and they don’t ask if u want a baguette, apple, or chips then end up just throwing you a baguette... like why would u assume i wanted an extra bread if i already got a sandwich!? 🤯

gucciandgold May 20
Julie put me onto Panera Bread last week & I’ve been stuck on this sandwich ever since 😩

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