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Panera Bread Restaurant Copycat Recipes: Cuban Chicken Panini
Panera Chicken Tortilla Soup
Panera Chicken Tortilla Soup
35 Copycat Panera Bread Recipes
35 Copycat Panera Bread Recipes | Taste of Home
Panera Bread Black Bean Soup Copycat Recipe
You can recreate your favorite Panera Bread Black Bean soup with this copycat recipe. This vegetarian soup recipe is perfect for a filling meal.
Panera Bread Black Bean Soup Copycat Recipe
Panera Bread Black Bean Soup is a filling vegetarian soup that you are going to love.
(Panera Bread) Black Bean Soup Recipe -
Looking to satisfy a craving for Panera's version, I found the Copycat Panera Black Bean Soup Recipe on Simple enough and vegetable broth makes it vegan/vegetarian.
Cuban Black Bean Soup Recipe -
Chef Douglas Rodriguez, of DeLaCosta restaurant in Chicago, was born in America, but this recipe is inspired by his mother's black bean soup, which offered robust flavor for people who didn't have money to spend on meat for stock. Here we use both fresh and dried oregano because each imparts a different flavor to the final dish. (The recipe is vegan and those who wish can add the sour cream and or ham as a garnish)
MyPanera Recipe: A Fresh Bruschetta
Crusty Cuban Bread is our hands down favorite bread to make (and eat). Made with five basic ingredients (not counting  optional additions), it's simple to prepare and tastes great paired with soups...
Cuba’s famous rum cocktail, the mojito, makes a fabulous marinade for pork. Here, we use it as the base for a brine, a form of seasoned salt water that helps to keep pork extra-juicy (don’t worry, you discard most of the salt). In keeping with the Cuban theme, the country’s classic garlicky citrus sauce enlivens the grilled pork.- Visit for more inspiration.
Panera Bread Restaurant Copycat Recipes: Portobello & Mozzarella Panini
Panini Pandemonium: Six Delicious Grilled Sandwiches
(Panera Bread) Black Bean Soup Recipe -
Rich and hearty soup that is full of your daily recommended amount of protein.
Simply Sumptious
Black Bean Soup, Panera Bread Copycat
Keto Slow Cooker Braised Oxtails | Ruled Me
Keto Slow Cooker Braised Oxtails | Ruled Me
Creamy Tomato Soup - Feeling Foodish
The perfect accompaniment to your grilled cheese sandwich. This version is similar to the soup sold at Panera Bread.
Panera Bread Restaurant Copycat Recipes: Simple Fruit Infused Iced Tea
Summer Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil Panini with Balsamic Syrup
tomato, mozzarella & basil panini w/ balsamic syrup
Just another day.
Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Low Fat Ruby Tuesday Style Chicken Quesadilla
Low Fat Ruby Tuesday Style Chicken Quesadilla |
A Healthy Makeover: Cuban Panini
Panera Bread Copycat Black Bean Soup Recipe | Yummly
Panera Bread Copycat Black Bean Soup Recipe | Yummly
33 Clever Copycat Recipes For Your Favorite Chain Restaurants
Whip this up at home, and you won't be tempted to walk out with a huge box of cinnamon rolls. Recipe here.
Chicken Bacon Panini with Spicy Chipotle Mayo
Its like panera's! :) ..Chicken Bacon Panini with Spicy Chipotle Mayo | Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community!
Prosciutto and Pesto Panini

Campcreekfarm 15 Apr 2010 shared via Twitter
Panera Bread has a new chicken Cuban sandwich. About 400 calories and it tastes great!

EatThisNotThat 18 Mar 2010 shared via Twitter
Don't let lunch derail your day! Avoid the WORST sandwich at Panera Bread:

EatThisNotThat 4 Mar 2010 shared via Twitter
twEAT THIS at Panera Bread: 1/2 Chicken Salad Sandwich on whole wheat w/ a small fruit cup for 360 calories & 13 g fat!

FitnessMagazine 22 Feb 2010 shared via Twitter
Fast food lunch from Panera Bread: 1/2 Smoked Turkey breast Sandwich + small fruit cup - 340 calories, 9g fat.

deefizzy 20 Dec 2009 shared via Twitter
NEVER eating at Panera Bread again! They hid chicken under my veggie sandwich, but thanks to my OCD I saw it first and threw it all away.

EatThisNotThat 8 Dec 2009
TWEAT THIS at Panera Bread: Half Asiago Roast Beef Sandwich w/ Black Bean Soup for 450 calories & 17 g fat!

EatThisNotThat 13 Jan 2010
At Panera Bread, swap mayo for light ranch - it'll save 100 calories or more on your next sandwich!

FitnessMagazine 9 Oct 2009
For lunch today: Half Chicken Caesar Sandwich on Three Cheese Bread from Panera Bread & side of baby carrots! A healthy lunch under 400cals

jerell 1 Dec 2009
Can panera have smaller bread on their sandwiches? The sandwich bread looks like bread sticks

13NewsNow 25 Mar 2010
Calorie info added to Panera menu board: NORFOLK -- Your favorite sandwich, soup or dessert at Panera Bread comes ...

makemebad35 25 Sep 2009
Went to Panera Bread for the first time. Pretty good sandwich I would say.

ttaylorondeck 10 Dec 2009
RT Yes!!! Lunch time... Panera Bread..mmm turkey artichoke sandwich on deck *@ttaylor1220 voice* <<<< LOL Yuuppp

QUEENLOSA 6 Feb 2010
-thiz panera bread hittin...!! Broccoli && cheddar soup.. Tuna sandwich.. && french bread.. Im stuffed..!!

PicSeshu 13 Jun 2009
Back from an oil change. Took the family for a Panera Bread lunch. Black bean soup, Mediterranean sandwich. Kids had a strawberry smoothie.

amandapalumbo 20 Aug 2009
RT Panera Bread has a new lobster sandwich. Price tag $17.Panera says it is targeting the people that are still employed.

teaneedz 2 Apr 2010
Cuban sandwich with much yum attached made me smile. — at Panera Bread

stlnews 18 Aug 2009
SBJ: Panera tests $16.99 lobster sandwich: Panera Bread Co. was featured in The Wall Street Journal today fo..

ilikeswears 8 Dec 2009
i went to Panera Bread yesterday and cried into my sandwich because I miss you so much, .

dafoodie 10 Apr 2010
Cuban Chicken Sandwich and Black Bean Soup at Panera Bread

EssenceATL 30 Mar 2009
yo...this panera bread turkey sandwich is the best turkey sandwich i've ever had in my life!

Meotto 12 Apr 2010
First food of the day, sooooooooo good. I got the new Cuban chicken sandwich. (@ Panera Bread #4018)

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