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Interview of Stan Pines from Gravity Falls Police Station
Interview of Stan Pines from Gravity Falls Police Station
Gravity Falls

Ayers111 26 Feb 2015 shared via Twitter
Gravity Falls is an incredibly imaginative show. Love it.

SilverEevee 14 Jun 2017 shared via Twitter
This mean you'll make gravity falls dorbz?

manectite 28 Jun 2015 shared via Twitter
is in Gravity Falls omg

QuickSloth1 30 Jul 2014 shared via Twitter

ms_malia 8 Oct 2014 shared via Twitter
omg you were on gravity falls!!!

BUlawyer 1 Aug 2014
That is totally on Gravity Falls right now!

ellen_mirai 30 Jul 2017
on Gravity Falls?! Why couldn't his partner be Burt Macklin?

fitpromike10 18 Apr 2015
sitting here with kiddo and all of a sudden I here you on Gravity Falls on .. Even as agent your still funny!

ewmani 17 Apr 2015

LittleEckert 7 Aug 2014
you got to be on Gravity Falls and it's the best thing.

bobabunzz 29 Jun 2015
can I call you Agent Powers like in gravity falls?

McLushy 2 Aug 2014
on Gravity Falls!! Love it!

buckurmom 10 Jul 2016
Was that just on Gravity Falls? Or am I crazy

AbbieAulds 10 Jul 2015
the irony of you playing an FBI agent on gravity falls. 😂❤️

campfirehotdog 12 Mar 2015
voiced a character on Gravity Falls....geez so many random people guest star in this show

tpatte01 9 Feb 2016
Do you really play one of the agents in Gravity Falls?

JTravisJames 11 Mar 2015
was on Gravity Falls? Just when I think that vat can't get cooler.

Steevisms 2 Oct 2014
gonna be hard to top you on Gravity Falls

shananegins 2 Aug 2014
pretty sure you're voicing a government agent on gravity falls! Watching with my son! 😀

_AlexHirsch 27 Mar 2014
We met on the level, and we parted on the square. Thanks for making this a great day in Gravity Falls!

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