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onlyapaprmoon 9 Mar 2012 shared via Twitter

DaveIrving99 13 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Doesn't it shit you how they all need a different power supply or cable? I recently bought a gadget from Jaycar that plugs into a car cigarette lighter and has every connector imaginable and dialable output voltage.

vk2zay 30 Oct 2010 shared via Twitter
@sillykittyish 12 volt rail from a PC power supply should do that just fine... Jaycar totally have suitable supplies, e.g. GH1379

BlenderKiller 21 Mar 2015 shared via Twitter
I liked a video from EEVblog #30 - Jaycar Bench Lab Power Supply Review

eevblog 1 Mar 2011 shared via Twitter
Yep, same supply. RT : Is that the jaycar power supply you reviewed quite a couple of moons ago?

charliesome 27 Dec 2015
just breadboard stuff - power supply, molex connectors. jaycar have all this but are super $$$ /

AusieIOT 10 Jan 2018
Jaycar MP3842 Lab power supply - first look video

weezmgk 27 Jul 2013
NO, Jaycar, a "20A" power supply which lays down 1Vpp of 50Hz on the output when loaded at 2A is not a 20A pwr sply

jeddybowman 23 Jun 2019
hey man! I have a GOXLR in Aus as well I just went to an electronics such as jaycar and just asked them to help me find a appropriate power supply without an adapter 👍🏻

geekzonenzforum 10 Feb 2019

hevvic Mar 20
If it has a round power plug you can buy an adjustable power supply that comes with multiple heads that might fit? Jaycar should have them, else online at dick smith

Stereonet 29 Oct 2009
Power supply for Toslink -> coax converter: Hi all Long time, no talk. I have a question: Jaycar are trying .. http://bit.ly/2l5byW

tonyvibo 24 May 2019
Go into Jaycar for a power supply, come out with a bag full of other "Must Have" goodies 🤪

iambenatwork 18 Nov 2010
Just made it to jaycar on time to buy a power supply for that talkbox I don't need

everythingboys 6 Mar 2014
hubby bought a replacement power supply from jaycar - working :) he spoke to someone yesterday said we would get reimbursed

VK2PNH 26 Oct 2017
My order from Jaycar turned up this morning. I have now installed my 25V power supply to power my coaxial relay...

christhecoder 21 Aug 2010
Yay, I'm finally back in action. Bought a multi-voltage power supply from Jaycar. More expensive than a Dell ps from HT, but I think better.

lkrms 25 Apr 2016
power supply. The other fan appears to be a standard case fan and should be replaceable with an equivalent, eg. from Jaycar.

FlyOpineMonkey 7 Apr 2018
There is a Jaycar hobby build your own amp if you want to, but why not go for an USB speaker as that will supply power?

zyzzyvamedia 3 Sep 2010
Meanwhile, looking for a specific power supply adaptor in Jaycar, was handed the adaptor and told to cut cord and solder it on.

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