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JayCar_11 10 Apr 2013 shared via Twitter
always puttin out classics! Big ups 👍👍

bigjsl 17 Nov 2010 shared via Twitter
Got a cool UPS from Jaycar - User replaceable battery - $99 :-) http://twitpic.com/37ti3w

markhellewell 6 Jul 2010 shared via Twitter
Off to Jaycar to buy a set of replacement batteries for my UPS to stop it complaining - please no storm while I'm gone, Mt. Dandenong!

GayleHoward 5 Mar 2010 shared via Twitter
Hard to imagine a salesperson being less helpful a Jaycar but we have new UPS regardless. .

bigjsl 18 Nov 2010 shared via Twitter
Part number for UPS from receipt is MP5220 & yes, it doesn't appear on Jaycar website sadly.

justkwokka 29 Apr 2010
big ups to the general manager from jaycar who put up a full page ad with a letter to david gallop in the newspaper

jevvv 8 May 2013
Jaycar seems to do them for under $40, not sure what a new UPS will cost - last I looked was abt $170

tupps 29 Jun 2017
The battery is often the culprit, and some UPS turn off as a preventative measure. Get batteries at Jaycar, most UPS are user servicable

posty 22 Jun 2012
nope, it's way different. it's for a UPS. but jaycar will probably have it. will check their site

matrichards 21 Nov 2010
I had a look at one of those cheap UPS at Jaycar, it says on the box it's an "offline" UPS. I think I'll stick with my APC :)

_JayCar 9 Jul 2012
@KeoniO_o lol I dnt do screw ups! soooooo you're like no one I ever messed with.

Lakerfan4lyfe 25 Oct 2014
U gotta catch that lil ninja! ! U owe me 10 push ups!! Lol love ya

colinfry666 13 Jul 2012
Jaycar (I think) used to have a small UPS for under $40. Not sure if they still do. Maybe Altronics if not.

chrisb74 18 Nov 2010
Jaycar part number on that UPS? I can't find it online.

_AnthonyBrice 12 Jun 2011
@WhoIs_JayCar ha nah that second game they was cheating I was missing wide open lay ups and shit, but we gotta run it back later bro

crimsonfalconer 27 Dec 2017
twitter is on my phone, I won't be able to play games though 😭. Not sure maybe a lowend UPS from jaycar or cetnaj.

Ultimateqestion 9 Jun 2018
Wtf are you talking about? They are not Greenies at all.These are farmers the Greenies probably do something similar with 12.5 voltage or something similar. I'm talking about fully functional 240 volts set ups average cost but equipment is global. Go to Jaycar look for yourself.

jasoncodes 11 May 2012
I almost impulse purchased an off-name UPS from Jaycar today as it was fully online (vs line int). It only had RS-232 though. Smelt archaic.

GristC 5 Dec 2019
Huh, genuine Eaton batteries for my UPS from Ascent are $3 cheaper than no-name brand SLAs from Jaycar.

valds_jaycar 27 Jan 2015
Ups pelea de chicas a la barra del port;)

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