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The time they got a history lesson from a bottle of soap.
The time they got a history lesson from a bottle of soap. | 32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good
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10 ways teachers can use school counselors to make their jobs easier. To use for faculty education
Financial Aid Toolkit
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That looks about right…the fun begins when you take said note to pharmacy & they guess at what it is
Most accurate graduation cap I've seen so far
Most accurate graduation cap I've seen so far
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Dept. Of Education Fail: Teachers Lose Grants, Forced To Repay Thousands In Loans
Dept. Of Education Fail: Teachers Lose Grants, Forced To Repay Thousands In Loans : NPR Ed : NPR
Instagram post by sтєρн ѕρєєя • Apr 5, 2016 at 2:20am UTC
When I think about my school loans but for reals how adorable are these dainty F**ks #embroidery
I want my student loans to be GONE
Jenna Marbles :)
The Senate overturned a new DOE rule that would prevent defrauded students from having their loans forgiven.
Tealight Snowman Ornament - with yoyomax12
Tealight Snowman Ornament - with yoyomax12
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Education Department collected loans from 45801 defrauded students nearly 3 times more than estimated
Government Grants For Housing | Government Grants
How to calculate credit card payment?
We dont use credit cards. We dont take loans out. If we cant pay with c - Credit Card - Check out how to calculate your credit card payment. #credit creditcard #payment - We dont use credit cards. We dont take loans out. If we cant pay with cash we dont get it. People ask why we need credit then? Credit isnt just for loans or credit cards. Your credit score helps determine how much you spend on a lot of things your need in your life so while you might not think your credit score matters it doe
Learn about the steps of the financial aid process!
This Grad Had More Than $50,000 in Student Loans… Until He Did This
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Survivor Edition Scavenger Hunt
Survivor Edition Scavenger Hunt
JS Everywhere digital subscription plan launches Jan. 4
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Letter warns Education Department there may be no borrowers eligible for public service loan forgiveness

MinimizeTesting 6 May 2017 shared via Twitter
DOE will provide special loans to build new SOH to prey on struggling schools but not to renovate district school converted to SOH?

KristenClarkeJD 2 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
NEW: 160K former for-profit college students seeking loan forgiveness may pursue claims against the DOE and Betsy DeVos as a class. Plaintiffs are victims of for-profit schools seeking protection under rules. DeVos hasn’t decided a single claim since June 2018.

badgaliizzy Mar 27 shared via Twitter
How I feel being a first generation immigrant student trying to navigate how graduate loans work and if I’m signing my life away to law school and the DOE

TraceyA60185561 Mar 15 shared via Twitter
My son is currently in a trade school and will finish in a month...he can afford it by working part time no loans...I am helping also but it is so doe able on a part time job and no loans

KBTheGeneral 16 Nov 2010 shared via Twitter
I owe big doe from school loans. I dont think dese niggaz will ever get they money back Take it as a payback from my ancestors labor

morninggloria 30 Jun 2019
This story of how the DoE offered teachers incentives to teach in low income schools and then tried to force teachers to repay as though those incentives were loans them is jaw-dropping.

beatclimatechan 7 Jun 2018
This doesn’t seem right at all. My DOE law school loans were 5-7%, diamond loan interest free, mortgage interest rates mostly under 4%, etc.

GordonShumway66 17 Oct 2019
That’s odd. FAFSA is only used to allow the school to provide DoE loans. But, the loan is administered irrespective of FAFSA. Who are you paying the loan through?

dianemann0613 May 23
It hasn't been for a very long time. I'm retired and the DOE, garnishes my retirement benefits for my school loans, which I paid on for 22 yrs. I worked in a field that promised loan forgiveness.

keepingcheck Apr 19
Ugh private lender, right? I wish I could get these law school loans dismissed but the DOE won't let that happen! 😂😂

Jill_Jorgensen 3 Sep 2019
And even when students do get services, the DOE is often failing to pay service providers — despite promising last year to fix that problem. One school had to take out a loan because of DOE’s delay in reimbursing tuition.

mistapotta 28 Mar 2018
More broken promises. DoE promises to support STEM teachers in low performing schools with grants, then changes them to loans after the fact. Charging teachers to teach our neediest students.

natedub9 22 Apr 2019
And let's be honest, which is more or less "responsible" or "moral", a kid taking out student loans that they naively hope to repay, or school/DOE granting loans they know will never be repaid? Everybody needs to own their crap.

BigBend4RyanT Feb 14
As a young man graduating in public schools, I was told that a college degree was my only option. With recent explosive costs of higher education, student loans repayments are a burden for millions of Americans. These DOE cuts will

Poormanumbrella 18 Feb 2019
How does someone refinance $130,000 in school debt currently at 6% interest? Why are student loans with interest anyway? Why does DoE need to make a profit?!?

JTonBass 3 Jul 2013
!!! RT : School loans would make you catch a body ... 😡!!!

BethKobliner 15 Dec 2017
Under Betsy DeVos’s DOE leadership, student loan borrowers lose—and for-profit schools win.

Brandn_OnDemand 22 Aug 2012
got bandz doe RT @cedestoni_xoxo: Blah! These stupid school loans might be messing up my plans 😔

Ee_Ay May 22
This year and a half after being done with school has prob been the best of my life and I know the next best is going to be when them student loans are paid for. Still thank school doe for helping me with the opportunity to advance in life. Love hate relationship.

85sterl 18 Jul 2011
Gotta go sign these papers doe... loans

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