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sparkyabraham Feb 25 shared via Twitter
is that right? the DOE loan by status data for q4 2019 shows $685.5b in repayment and $557b in other statuses (incl. in school, grace, default, deferment, forbearance, other)

0wlheart 18 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
This isn't even true. The market is fine in terms of hiring and jobs. The problem is the cost of tuition and predatory loans. Why are you bootlicking for banks? And why is the status quo of our economy more important than universally educating people?

Timodc 9 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
EMAIL: The president "wants to know the status" of DoE loan program so he can be prepared when asked by donors via WaPo

djysrv 25 Nov 2011 shared via Twitter
NY Times: Update on status of loan guarantee for USEC. DOE remains undecided.

jackshafer 9 Oct 2011 shared via Twitter
RT : No, DOE had approved the loan six months earlier. He was inquiring w/WH about status of OMB review.

MarshaBlackburn 30 May 2014
Heading to our hearing on DOE Loan Programs. “department-energy-oversight-status-loan-programs”

TristWrapCity 9 Nov 2009
@Miss_Leemarella inoo I see ur status, same s**t for me student loan joke ting! I'm gd doe

HouseCommerce 30 May 2014
WATCH LIVE: hearing on status of DOE loan programs -->

BracewellEnergy 14 Feb 2012
Zelermyer's take on Obama DOE loan guarantee review: portfolio risk status & recommendations.

canadafreepress 2 Jul 2012
Status Report: DOE Section 1705 Loan Program: Central to the Obama Administration’s energy policy are massive su...

MissRoseAllure 16 Jun 2019
This is why I do what I do! Reviews like these touch my heart! During the consultation I noticed that her student loans were late. I checked the DOE database for its status and realized that she has been in repayment...

obarcala Jan 7
Remember the sanctions against DeVos and Dept of Ed in Oct? When DoE filed its status report, it revealed it had unlawfully collected on loans of 45,000 students, almost 3x the 16,000 it initially disclosed. Court is now reconsidering the sanction amount

freedoms_sword 27 Dec 2011
FACT: Solyndra loan was approved under Bush. FACT: Solyndra execs misrepresented Co's financial status to Obama DOE.

davidshepardson 13 Oct 2011
DOE's David Sandalow won't comment on status of loan application or any others that have been pending for months or years

Wand3rlust09 Apr 17
How doe we check status of EIDL loan. Applied 04/03. Haven’t heard anything since.

peta_bread25 Mar 9
Today, teachers and administrators at my school discussed us teaching from home if the school has to shut down, and assessing which students we would need to loan DOE laptops, iPads, etc. to during shutdowns to ensure all students regardless of socioeconomic status have access.😫

kelvinm52605563 17 Sep 2019
i changed the loan details but the status doe not change ,olease check for mii 38022520

HenchmanUSA 5 Jan 2019
What is the status of Pelosi's loan via DOE 2 Brother-in-law's DOE announced a $737 million loan guarantee to help finance construction of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project? Is it tied 2 Reid's CHINESE solar energy?

LibSelfOwns 4 Jan 2019
I am getting 3 different answers about what the status of my student loan is. DOE site says paid in full, ADP says I owe $173, and another that's saying $1,300. I'm inclined to believe the DOE website, if that's true, I've been overpaying on my loans and I'd like to figure it out

CRWECrownEquity 11 Dec 2017

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