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GreenForAll 6 Jan 2014 shared via Twitter
60 Minutes, get your facts straight. DOE loan program has a 97% success rate! Cleantech is booming -

ClimateNexus 5 Jan 2014 shared via Twitter
Will report DOE loan program's 97% success rate tonight when they say 's dead?

GabeElsner 10 Sep 2013 shared via Twitter
Another Opportunity for interests to bash . Remember, DOE Loan Program has ~97% success rate.

ACNicolet 22 Apr 2017 shared via Twitter
Loan Program = 98% success rate. Funds early-stage & makes profits to -payers.

sarahdavidson63 10 Feb 2015 shared via Twitter
DOE loan guarantee program created 55k jobs & has a 98% success rate. And now DOE expects to turn a profit.

SolarFred 7 Jun 2014
. Billy, the DOE loan program that funded Solyndra has a 97% success rate so far:

BrightSource 26 Apr 2013
Here's a fact: The DOE Loan Guarantee Program has an approximately 97% rate.

danahull 5 Jan 2014
Not mentioned on 60 minutes piece: Nukes. Climate Change. Success rate. Point of the DOE loan program in general. Corporate investment.

kylanmaki 6 Jan 2014
Great response to the piece on .DOE loan program has 97 percent success rate..

EnvMkts 5 Jan 2014
To CBS: DOE Loan guarantee program 97% success rate Solar power craze sweeping Wall Street

ACNicolet 22 Apr 2017
Step into 2017 please... The DOE Loan program has in fact created value for tax-payers and has a 98% success rate.

EnergyFactCheck 29 Apr 2013
The DOE Loan Guarantee Program has an approximately 97% success rate and always acts to protect the taxpayers.

ChristopherNFox 14 Aug 2013
With a 98% success rate US Dept. of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee program is a winner for America

samanthadpage 10 Nov 2015
Fun fact: DOE loan program had 98% success rate. (That’s super high for investment.) Taxpayers made bank.

EnergyFactCheck 18 Sep 2013
With at 98% success rate, here's why the loan guarantee program is still a great deal for America via

EnergyFactCheck 5 Jan 2014
What did the DOE Loan Guarantee Program deliver? A 97% success rate and a bunch of really cool projects:

PFEnergyCenter 27 Mar 2013
Tell Congress, Fox News STAT MT Fact: Loan Guarantee Program success rate is over 96% Bloomberg-->

kenpaulman 8 May 2013
Actually, the DOE loan program has a 97% success rate. Liberal media rarely mentions that.

UpsolarGroup 14 Jan 2014
60 Minutes' "cleantech crash" report overlooked sustained industry growth & the DOE loan program's 97% success rate

BrooklynSolar 20 Jul 2012
What Abound Solar’s Bankruptcy Says About the DOE Loan Program It has a 96 percent success rate and the endorsement...

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