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SeeAshleyTweet 12 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
Education at all levels is so important to me as a 1st gen college student and a former teacher. plans for student loan forgiveness would allow me to (finally) go to law school. Her commitment to choosing a frmr public school teacher to the DOE is also 🔥🔥🔥🔥

DarcyElizabet12 Apr 20 shared via Twitter
Right now I have over 200k in student loans. I would like to work with prisoners. But to pay off that debt I can’t be in the public sector. Same for being a teacher. But if Betsy DeVos has her way we won’t even have any debt forgiveness.

CBSEveningNews 2 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Teachers, firefighters, police officers: The DOE has rejected more than 75,000 applications for public service loan forgiveness. Only 864 people successfully applied, a rejection rate of 99%. "These are people who went into public service in good faith & got screwed."

Adalia_Reyes98 4 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
I didn’t realize both programs for loan forgiveness/cancellation had the same issues. I knew public school teachers who had to fight the DOE to get theirs discharged were given the run around but this is a new low.

dsocia 6 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
Do you qualify for student loan forgiveness? Lots of teachers do!! via US DOE

LegiScanFL 23 Jan 2017
H0403 [NEW] Creates STEM Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program; requires DOE to administer program; provides for fundi...

I enroll teachers in graduate programs, we have seen a sharp decrease in teachers applying for graduate degrees because the DOE is fucking with their pay and loan forgiveness. Fuck Trump and his enablers.

TriciaNolfi 20 Sep 2019
Unfortunately the last DOE Administration is also to blame for this mess ➡️ Teacher denied loan forgiveness tells Congress why she's suing Betsy DeVos

_ms_flood 28 Jul 2019
there is a program that does that for teachers, but DoE has made it a nightmare to comply with and actually get the money ditto public service loan forgiveness for that matter

JimSpiewak 23 Jul 2019
“IT’S LIKE A BAIT AND SWITCH” Former Utah teacher claims DOE stuck her w/ student loans they promised to wipe out. The debt forgiveness program she claims is not working for her and other teachers. At 10pm. .

BobbyAllyn 11 Jul 2019
Scoop by on suit from one of the largest teachers unions in country against DoE: “The suit alleges the loan forgiveness program for millions of public service workers is in such a shambles that it violates federal law and the Constitution”

tlo_doe 28 Jul 2017
apparently the school i teach @ doesn't qualify for teacher forgiveness loans & chile...

GleesonLibrary 7 Jun 2012
cc: RT @usfgovinfo: forgiveness program for with Loans, pamphlet from

itweetUSF 6 Jun 2012
RT @usfgovinfo: forgiveness program for with Loans, pamphlet from

sejorg 6 Dec 2011
"Two Key Republicans Backed Bankrupt Manufacturer"s Bid For DOE Loan" | SEJ

DailyCaller 13 Jan 2012
New documents show high-risk concern behind DOE loan guarantees other than Solyndra, Issa pushes for answers-

UCFKnight94 18 Feb 2012
might have to wait a while longer for a hybrid minivan. DOE's policies too restrictive on loan.

TheRickWilson 12 Mar 2012
You mean, questions like, "At what point was the DOE Loan Guarantee program turned into a cash cow for Obama donors?"

techreview 13 Feb 2012
Report Recommends Changes for DOE's Loan Program

GreenCarCongres 7 Mar 2012
DOE not proceeding with ATVM loan for Carbon Motors; company exploring strategic and financing alternatives

therealautoblog 20 Apr 2012
Report: Ex-Fisker chair blames Mitt Romney attacks for DOE loan hold-up

amycarlile 14 Feb 2012
As controversy simmers, seeks no new funding for loan guarantees:

gwsolar 30 Nov 2011
via @BloombergNews SolarCity Gets Private Loans for $1 Billion Rooftop Project Without DOE Loan Guarantee

submergingmkt 11 Jan 2012
's on verge of issuing final const licenses for 4 new plants in Ga+SC: $8.3b in loan guar from

EnergyBoom 7 Feb 2012
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Hounds DOE for $8.3 Billion Nuclear Loan Guarantee Transparency

RNCResearch 4 Apr 2012
DOE "responsible for all credit losses under its loan guarantee program... ultimately borne by the American taxpayers"

SmartPlanet 1 Nov 2011
Another DOE loan guarantee recipient files for bankruptcy

GreenTechnology 20 Nov 2011
Beacon Power to sell assets for DOE loan: Energy storage company Beacon Power, which received a DOE loan guarant...

greenskeptic 31 Oct 2011
RT : Beacon Power declares bankruptcy after getting DOE loan for flywheel storage plant. $$

ANS_org 14 Feb 2012
Ron Pavey, Augusta Chronicle: DOE SEC Chu headed for Vogtle, $8.3B loan guarantee imminent

PresWallace 13 Feb 2012
Obama Admin DOE Granted $825 Loan to California Solar, now headed for bankruptcy.

GreenCarCongres 16 Feb 2012
Chrysler Group withdraws its application for DOE Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan

scotthomasson 17 Nov 2011
Lack of portfolio approach is major shortcoming of DOE loan program, and an argument for CEDA & infrastructure bank

pwrhungry 3 Apr 2012
Another solar company failure. Solar Trust had conditional approval for a $2.1B loan from DOE.

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