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SanfordBishop 11 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
DOE’s ECA closure fact sheet provides info on options for students, including a potential discharge of relevant federal student loans . The VA provides details on obtaining a restoration of GI benefits .

Forzionssake1 21 Jul 2016 shared via Twitter
FRAUD was committed against students- do not block the DOE loan discharge!

BlockLieb 1 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter
Days ago, DOE let us know that they think they can preempt state regulation of debt collectors: Now we here about DOE Request for Information on Student Loan Discharge in Bankruptcy: Yeesh. DOE in control? Or industry in control?

EdDebtJustice 16 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
Report from the urges DOE to restart loan discharge process for defrauded students. 95,000+ are waiting.

daniel_bilar 22 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
DJT DoE re-evaluating rules to ease bankruptcy discharge of student loans [$1.38t in outstanding student loan debt owed by 40m+ Americans, 11% are 90+ day deliquent; RFI Fed Reg ; income-drive repayment loans July 2019 onwards ]

DocuService_US 27 Dec 2019
I agree with Democratic Representative Josh Harder on this one. School closure discharge is a necessary program and needs prioritization. DoE and FSA is making progress

tstweets 30 Oct 2019
Over 7,000 former college students filed a lawsuit against and the DOE in the United States District Court for the District of MA, citing the department’s “enduring refusal to discharge the federal student loans” for students

OrdoEt 24 Jun 2019
Candidates should focus on what their DOE can do without congressitional approval as soon as they are confirmed like stream lining the application process for loans that qualify for discharge. Ambition plans that lack bipartisanship support will not inspire Congress to act.

KateRoseBee May 18
Your tweet misleads people in to thinking that the ECF paperwork provided by the loan servicer is considered official or binding by DoE for loan discharge. The fact that it is not is one of the major issues in borrowers understanding or qualifying for PSLF.

RootedInRights 19 Apr 2016
DOE announces changes to disability, student loan discharge program

StrikeDebt 16 Oct 2019
There is another borrower we are working with who has been garnished even after the DOE approved the loans for discharge. Now the FSA & servicers are all working together to insist they did nothing wrong and don't owe a refund. It is a kafkaesque nightmare.

JFortin670 Jan 29
Student Loan Discharged in Bankruptcy – Just a Blip, or Something Bigger?

jessicaking977 18 Apr 2015
we have over 9 attorney general's that have written the DOE to discharge these fraudulent loans. Please join the fight!

killavoice78 9 Mar 2015
Senators Ask DOE To Discharge Student Loans For WyoTech, Everest and Heald Students

profpryor 21 Feb 2018
Initial observations on DOE's request for info re factors for undue hardship discharge of student loans in bankr:

harliebusbee 11 Jul 2018
What the DoE says about loan discharge if you are not already aware. 🙂

Cynical_3DPrint 12 Dec 2019
For profit U are rip off overcharging tuition & providing no market value. DOE should not have provided loans in the first place but now you have millions of students w/ worthless degrees. The hold up is you gave discharge contract to Navient, the worst loan servicer on record.

profpryor 22 Feb 2018
DOE revisiting *undue hardship* for bankruptcy discharge of student loans:

GregSergienko 22 Apr 2019
is right. Bankruptcy discharge will teach lenders to care whether the loans they make provide an education that will pay off. Letting bad lenders share the costs of scam schools will do more to boost the educational system than anything DoE is going to do.

LauraAllen55 21 Aug 2019
All disabled people w/student loan debt qualify for discharge of all of it. It took effect under Obama. I know it to be true firsthand (although one could find it easily with google) because I’m disabled, have student loan debt, & received the paperwork for it from DoE years ago.

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